Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blogosphere Bits: Produce Co-Ops, iPad Screens, and Home Cleaners

Here are some of the fun/useful reading I have done this week:

How to Start Your Own Produce Co-op by Crystal at Money Saving Mom. I think produce co-ops are so cool, but it has never occurred to me to start my own by working with a grocery store. Check this out!

What To Do When Your iPad Screen Shatters by Ree at The Pioneer Woman. Oh my goodness--I don't have an iPad, but this had me laughing so hard

And my for my last note, I have to confess that I have always been turned off by the idea of making my own cleaners for using around the house. I mean, who wants their house to smell like vinegar? Um, yucky. (I'm not sure if cleaners that have vinegar in them actually smell like vinegar, but that's just what I've imagined.) But then I read this guest post by A Wife Loved Like The Church over at iDreamOfClean, and she said that you can add essential oil to your home cleaner to make it smell nice (she had me when she mentioned lavender...*sigh*). So check out Cleaners You Can Make At Home. :)

For more good reads, visit Saturday Stumbles at ItsCome2This. There is also a link up over at It's A Blog Party.

Have a great weekend, and Happy 4th!


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  1. Great idea to start your own co-op! Normally when you grow things you have lots of left-overs, so that totally makes sense! Thanks for linking up:)


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