Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christmas Already?

The year is already half-way over--the time to start thinking about Christmas is now!

I'm going to start by making a holiday "To-Do List." We typically keep Christmas fairly simple around here, and due to our current life situation, this year will be very basic (read: baked goods for everyone!).

One thing that tends to slip by me every year is Operation Christmas Child--primarily because the due date for dropping off your box is in November! But this is the perfect time of year to buy gifts for your shoe box, especially with all the back-to-school sales kicking into gear.

Here is my Uber-Simple To-Do List:
  • Make a list of family/friends to receive gifts. Next to each name, write down planned or potential gift
  • I'm already a little behind on this one, but I need to assemble a secret gift (If you are family of mine, I absolutely forbid you to click on that link). ;)
  • Purchase items for OCC Shoeboxes
Early Nov: 
  • Take family Christmas picture
  • Assemble OCC Shoeboxes
Mid Nov: 
  • Order Christmas cards
  • Drop off Shoeboxes
End of Nov/Early December: 
  • Mail Christmas Cards
  • Write out grocery list for Christmas baking
Early/Mid December: 
  • Get busy in the kitchen making those baked goods!
  • Package all gifts
  • Enjoy the season!

Like I said, this year is Christmas-from-scratch! But I'm actually looking forward to our simple holiday season, and hope to pack it with lots of love, memories, and serving others.

Have you started thinking about Christmas?

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  1. I started thinking about it as soon as I had the kids birthdays out of the way in March!
    We try not to spend too much, but I am a gift giver, I love picking out gifts for everyone. We usually attempt at a theme (at least outside of the 4 of us), we get everyone books one year, DVDs the next, this year if it goes as I want...Pampered Chef! This is my newest obsession (I host not sell!) and I am hoping to do a party in Sept/Oct and use all the host benefits to make the purchases I need for gifts! If it works out I should save quite a bit this year!

  2. You are organized, aren't you? I'm a last-minute person but if I did what you do I would be far less stressed around the holidays. Definitely something to think about... Thanks! :)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm such a procrastinator, but you've shown me it CAN be done! :) Hope you don't mind if I repost this on my blog, I'll be sure to give you credit for it.

  4. We were slightly more organized for Christmas last year and have been saving for Christmas this year so we can pay for it all with cash. I like your system! Usually, Christmas hits my by surprise (go figure! LOL. It comes at the same time every year)and I'm usually scrambling at the last minute. But not this year! I'm definitely taking your advice :o)

  5. Crystal--that sounds like a good idea. I love Pampered Chef's stoneware...hope to get a pizza one sometime in the (probably distant) future. :D

    Michele--I hate stress! But I really enjoy the holiday season, so I'm trying to avoid the stress part. Especially since I already know we won't have money to buy people gifts, so I'm prepping for that in my head. :)

    April--No problem! I'm glad this helps you out!

    Mel--saving and paying with cash is AWESOME. Go you! :D

  6. Thanks for this neat post! Christmas is on my mind all year long ... because I love it. Good plan!

  7. This is such a coincidence. I have a
    Chirstmas Already? written and scheduled on my blog for the 25th of this month. Guess we are both thinking ahead. Enjoyed your ideas.

  8. Thanks for this necessary reminder. Our birthdat season coincides with I needed a push! *Blessings*

  9. I've been meaning to get a list going, myself. And as far as Christmas cards, OUCH. I still have a few laying around that need to be mailed from LAST YEAR!!! :\

  10. I so love getting Christmas done early!! just bought me some ornaments @ Hallmark's ornament preview. :)

  11. Can I even begin to tell you how much my love for your blog has grown just because of this post?!?! I love, love, love Christmas. And the fact that you are already planning in July is just awesome. I just started thinking up some ideas over the weekend but haven't formally written anything out. But now you gave me the motivation to do it! :)

  12. P.S. I saw on twitter that you're thinking about switching to WP. DO IT! My last comment was the first I've been able to make in a week! Each time I try it always pops up a error message or does something funky. Just a FYI.

  13. Just a tip.. you might want to get your stamps for the Christmas cards now. The forever ones.. before the price goes up.
    Also if you order cards for Christmas from like a company like current.. it is really cheap to get them now.. in the summer when they are on sale.. then in November.
    Just an idea..

    sue in NJ

  14. You're right, Sue! The only problem with that is that then we won't have a *current* Christmas picture...our son is so young that a few months makes a big difference!

    But I will make a point to get stamps soon...:D

  15. Great to-do list. My favorite gifts to receive are baked goods so I think you're really on to something!


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