Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Less Space: Utilizing Space In Your Home

So, are you curious how the whole living-in-700-sq-ft thing is working for me?

In short, I love it! Less stuff (we got rid of over 600 items)=less to maintain. Less space=less to clean.

However, I have worked hard to utilize every inch of storage space that I can, especially since some of our closet space is still taken up by unpacked boxes of books (I couldn't part with them...).

Here are a few space-utilization strategies that I've found useful:

Store things under your beds/cribs. There are clear plastic bins that are perfect for this. I've found this a good place for storing winter clothes during the summer and vice versa. We currently have bins of clothes and a surf board under our bed (hidden well by a dust ruffle!).

Our kitchen is tiny, so I've found it useful to store items in larger appliances. For instance, my bag of rice is kept in the rice cooker, dry beans in the crock-pot, etc.

Shelving is a wonderful way to utilize space--your walls have potential!

In the kitchen, I have found fold-up shelves to be useful. Particularly in the freezer, where it enables me to stack frozen foods without creating too-tall towers that fall over whenever you open the freezer (annoying). Pictured is a peek inside my freezer (as you can see, I'm flash freezing some berries).

I use a set of plastic drawers in my closet to utilize the space underneath my hanging clothes. This helps since we only have one dresser in our room.

Hooks, hooks, hooks, hooks, hooks. Hooks for your towels, purse, keys, potholders, aprons, and so on. Again, your walls have potential, and hooks can prevent piles of clutter from forming on your tables and floors. They can also save drawer/cabinet space. I'm still working on putting up hooks in our place (the concrete walls have made it a slight challenge).

Do you have any savvy ways of saving precious space in your home?

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  1. We lived in a very tiny duplex at one time. When I looked for space I looked everywhere including up. I noticed that above the doors was always empty space. I put in shelving above doors to hold items and it worked for us.

  2. We struggle with the concrete walls as well! But I totally am with you on the plastic drawers in the closet. We didn't have a dresser for our daughter's room, nor the space to get one with her toy box, mini kitchen, table and chairs taking up all the room alongside her big awkward bed (its got a great big bookshelf attached the the headboard, but it faces the other way so I can't put it up against the wall). And we have shelves under our clothes in our closet as well for stacking our shoes!!
    Great tips!!

  3. I tried to comment last night, but my iPod died. :P Anyway, I LOVE the hooks idea! Right now, I have absolutely NOTHING on my walls, so I can begin to incorpoate storage into my decorating! :)

    Also, may I recommend an under-the-cabinet, pull-down spice rack? I so want one.

  4. Audrey, I don't even know what an "under-the-cabinet, pull-down spice rack" looks like! I'm googling it, because I have an issue with my spice cabinet currently...

  5. We used to CRAM our freezer full by stacking, re-packaging, and shoving food in it! Now we have a full-sized chest freezer and don't know what to do w/ all the room!

  6. @Ashley--what a wonderful problem to have!

  7. The church we used to attend had concrete walls. How about using those 3M Command Hooks? We have some up, but haven't taken them down to see if they work like they should. So far, they've stayed up though. =) I've seen good reviews on them.

  8. I like using a mentality of "high real estate" in my kitchen and I"m applying it to my schooling room now... but only those things that we use often and are valuable to our "work" space get the BEST spots (easiest to get to). The other things can be "hidden".

    Love storage bins under the beds- I have my gift wrap under mine;)

  9. We recently worked on my 3-year old daughters room, which is very small. We hung an iron cord (ikea) on the wall, with hooks on it. She can hang whatever she wants on it and it looks fun!

  10. What a great post! I'm a new follower over from the couponingtobedebtfree linky! Hope you have time to check out my blog too!

  11. I need to get rid of so much stuff. It's amazing how much junk we accumulate over the years and how overwhelming it can be to purge stuff.

  12. I kinda feel your pain! Our house is 888 sq. ft! :) And we have a piano :P However, we have done a considerable amount of remodeling so the floor plan is much better. For the first time since we've moved here 6 years ago, this year we're able to live in ALL of our house since we aren't remodeling any of it anymore (just need to finish the little projects!)


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