Monday, July 19, 2010

The Pancake Breakfast Recap

I'm happy to report that our very first self-hosted pancake breakfast was wildly successful. :)

Here's how it all went down:

Saturday morning, Andrew sweetly dismissed his textbooks and helped me prep in the kitchen. Here he is manning the coffee. What a guy.


Do you see my pancake griddle? It's fabulous. Thank you kind person who bought that for us for our wedding. 

Our first guests were these friends--and they brought with them fresh homemade Chinese dumplings! Incredible. My friend Aiping used to make these, so I am already in love. We put them on the table along with the soy sauce, which made a funny tag-along for pancakes and syrup. :D

Around 10-10:30, the knocks really started greeting our door. I was so excited! I think at one point we had as many as 15 people crammed into our living room and kitchen. 

Much thanks to Amy for her buttermilk banana pancake recipe, which are now my go-to pancakes. Everyone loved them. I went through a quadruple and then a double recipe. 

We had guests from 6 different countries--China, Uganda, Nigeria, Poland, Columbia, and (duh) the US. I love graduate family housing! The map we have hanging in our hall came in handy--I kept pulling different people into the hall so that they could show me the region/city they grew up in or immigrated from. Our neighbor Annet from Uganda spotted our picture of Immaculate (also from Uganda) on the fridge and got so excited.  She showed me on the map where she thought Immaculate must be from, based on her facial features. :)
Overall, it was lots of fun, and we're thinking about making it a monthly get-together. Lots of thanks to Pam (wearing green and sitting on the couch) for helping me pass out fliers and supplying all the OJ. 


This post is linked to Kat's Motivation Monday. :)


  1. So happy. :)

    I really do need to try those pancakes...and I have a bunch of bananas on my microwave RIGHT NOW.

  2. I want you to know that this little pancake breakfast of yours has warmed my heart more than anything I've read in a while. It was a wonderful idea to bring your old tradition to your new neighbors. I didn't realize (because I'm new here) that you are in grad housing. That makes it doubly fun.

    WAY TO GO!
    You have set an excellent example. I'm so glad it was a smash.

  3. That sounded like it was a lot of fun! What a great idea and good way to show your hospitality. I'm wanting to host a family game night at our house, soon I hope!
    It's great that you were able to meet new people this way. I'm in need of meeting new people and this gives me motivation to go out and do something about it!

  4. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing.. Love your blog!

  5. Glad it went so well! Told the hubs about it and now I think we might try to orchestrate one of our own. Hope you don't mind if I steal your idea. ;)

  6. So great! Seeing your pictures makes me miss our on-campus housing days: not the general tininess :), but definitely the social atmosphere and community.

    Glad your breakfast was a success.

  7. yummy. I have got to try those banana pancakes and I am really jealous of your griddle.
    Are you in Tallahassee? I'll try not to hold that against you. You see, I bleed orange and blue.

  8. That is so sweet, banana pancakes for everyone, lol! I think I really need one of those griddle. I better tell hubby. Coz to be quite honest, I'm having a hard time keeping up with my four kids (plus hubby) in the morning. I have two pans over the stove and literally flipping both at the same time to make sure I have enough pancakes for everyone before they all come running down the stairs! Got to have those griddle!!!

  9. Just catching up on your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! How exciting that you are meeting all your neighbors. Great fun!

  10. Alicia I think this is so awesome!!! Seriously - what a cool neighbor are you!!

  11. Yay, that's so fun! I had to come back to see whether your pancake breakfast was a hit, and it looks like it was spectacular!
    Will you do it again soon?


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