Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 7/19

We had a house stuffed full of people all weekend (so fun!), which translates to a slow start with my menu planning/grocery shopping for the week--time to get to it!

I mentioned last week that I try to make one vegetarian meal each week. Problem is, I do not have a large repertoire of vegetarian meals. Anyone want to help me out? What are your go-to meatless meals? This week I'm trying out Southwestern Black Bean Pasta.

Breakfasts: Banana pancakes (from freezer) with homemade pancake syrup (recipe tomorrow!), cold cereal, smoothies.
Lunches: leftovers, sandwhiches
Snacks: Blueberry Zucchini Bread (I've never tried this recipe, but it has rave reviews), fruit

Dinners by Weeknight:
Monday--Southwestern Black Bean Pasta with salad
Tuesday--I'm out of town, hubby will have Shepherd's Pie on standby (I do a spin off of this recipe).
Wednesday--Roasted Chicken with carrots, mashed potatoes
Thursday--Dinner at small group
Friday--Pizza night (I want to try a pesto chicken version with the leftover roasted chicken). Did I mention that I have changed my pizza dough recipe and methods and our homemade pizza is turning out SO AWESOME. Check out Butter Yum's tutorial.

For more menu planning inspiration, visit Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday

I'd love to know what's going to be on your table this week!

P.S. Next up, a recap of our Pancake Breakfast!


  1. we eat many vegetarian meals -- in fact, we only have meat 1-2 times a week. We love veggie-filled quesadillas (, zucchini parmesan (, and pasta dishes full of veggies (e.g.,

    Hope that's helpful! Stop by if you're looking for more :)

  2. We are trying to do vegetarian meals once a week and I am having the same problem. I need to start saving more meatless recipes. The southwestern black bean pasta sounds good-I might try it next week. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Alicia,
    Here are a few of my meatless meals: Cheese pizza, cheese quesidillas, tomato soup and grilled cheese, potato soup, salad with beans, vegetable soup, grilled eggplant, spaghetti with tomato sauce, baked potato bar with broccoli and cheese. These don't sound extremely creative, but it's what we eat at our house.

  4. Variations of beans and rice, of course, are classic!

    I recently took advantage of my bumper crop of fresh herbs and did a beans & pasta dish which was fabulous (any decent-sized white bean should work well):

    Also, I'm enjoying black beans with sweet potatoes - makes a great burrito!

  5. My go to vegetarian meal is grilled cheese & tomato soup!

  6. We really like Lentil Tacos. The recipe we use is
    It's also really quick to put together which is always a plus!

  7. Alicia I could eat spaghetti with marinara sauce every day. You could also make your pizza's vegetarian. I love pizza full of veges.

  8. I have been a vegetarian (i.e. nothing with a face) for 20 years. Please feel free to check out my recipes and menu plans for lots of vegetarian ideas.
    Also, any cookbook with Moosewood in the title (from the library?) will give you dozens of ideas.

  9. Check out my blog for some veggie ideas.

  10. I don't make that much meat either, I'm actually trying to make it more often.

    I like many pasta dishes - macaroni and cheese, spaghetti with marinara sauce, pasta salad, fettuccine alfredo, cheese or pesto tortellini.

    Cheese or vegetable pizza. I don't care for most of the traditional pizza vegetables like peppers, but I love tomatoes and broccoli. You mentioned pesto pizza, and the best pesto pizza I ever made was topped with tomatoes and broccoli.


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