Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bloghop 2010

Hello fellow bloggers--welcome to Alicia's Homemaking!

(I am interrupting my scheduled posting to introduce myself at Bloghop 2010. If you are a regular reader, feel free to scroll down for Try New Adventures Thursday!).

I'm Alicia, and I have been at this blogging thing since October 2009. I am a wife to the sweet, handsome, and all-around amazing Andrew and mother to one Squishy little boy (8 months old). I left my job as an ICU nurse in April of this year to become a full-time stay-at-home-mom, and I could not be happier with my new job description. Full-time kisser of chubby baby cheeks? I'm so there (even if it does come with sleepless nights!).

 On Alicia's Homemaking you can join me as I learn how to efficiently (and peacefully!) run a home. There's lots of menu-planning, cooking, and housework involved, but it's all for love's sake. Not to mention the cooking part is just fun (although there's always potential for wreaking havoc in the kitchen)!

In my desire to stretch and grow, on I recently started hosting Try New Adventures Thursday (why, that's today!). I would be honored if you joined us in seeking out new learning experiences and sharing your big and little adventures in life.

I also feature The Less Project, chronicling my journey of living with less space, money, and time together as a family while my husband goes to grad school to become a Physician's Assistant.

I'd love to get to know you in this process! Leave me a comment and I'll stop by your place. You can also follow me on Twitter.



  1. Stopping by from the Blog Hop. It's good to meet you! Your baby is a cutie, for sure. :)

  2. Your baby is a handsome little man! Happy BH'10!

  3. I love your current job description! My "chubby baby cheeks" are all growing up - now I'm the "constant worrier as my son drives solo and my daughter asks about make-up". Enjoy these days - they just fly by!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am very excited to meet you!

    Your little guy is adorable!

  5. Guess I should get my act together and post too, huh? :)

  6. I am here from the Blog Hop. I think it is awesome that you all are learning to live with less in order for your husband to pursue his career. Good for all of you. :)

  7. glad i found your blog through blog hop. I'm on a journey to run my home and make it more beautiful, not chaos.

    love your job title :) made me smile

  8. Stopping in from the 'hop'... what a beautiful family you have!! And a full time kisser of sweet baby cheeks... could there be a better job?! :)


  9. Greetings from a fellow blog hopper and nurse! Love your site, and what a beautiful family you. Very nice to 'meet" you!

  10. I hopped over Alicia--great to read the intro from you. You are on a great adventure and I look forward to hearing the things you learn as you learn to manage your home.

  11. What a great intro! I can already tell that this is exactly the kind of blog I enjoy reading. Off to check out more of your posts! :)

  12. Just Hoppin By, Sorry I’m a little late,
    I’m #255 (Last on the BLOG HOP),
    I am happy to meet you... great blog!


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