Friday, August 6, 2010

The Less Project: 1st Semester Completed!

As of yesterday, my husband is officially done with Semester #1 of his grad program! That means that we have two glorious weeks together as a family without the consuming "always-must-study" nature of Physician Assistant school. *so excited*

So, how did Semester One of The Less Project go? Here's the breakdown:

Less Space: We are unpacked and comfortable in our 700 sq ft apartment. The pros, like I've mentioned, are less space to clean, less stuff to maintain. The house gets messy REALLY fast but it also can be cleaned quickly.

I'm currently facing two dilemmas in my kitchen--1) even a small amount of dirty dishes clutters the counter to the point where it's difficult to function in the kitchen. Pictured is what my kitchen looked like on Sunday night when there were a lot of dirty dishes! All that to say, I'm trying to learn how to wash dishes as we dirty them. A keep the sink empty challenge, if you will.

My second dilemma is my spice cabinet--but I think I've found a solution, which I'll be sharing the link to in my Saturday Stumbles post tomorrow!

On a side note, did you company girls read about how I'm trying to do all the small things this month? Are you with me?

Less Money: I've found that lack of an income stream will really motivate you to stay within budget! I am toying with some ideas for making money from home and have seen the first income flow in from this blog, for which I am thankful. Overall, God is providing.

Less Time: As we've transitioned into this time where my husband is less "actively present" in the family dynamic (meaning, even when he's home he needs to study), I have been increasingly grateful that the family of God is everywhere. At this point I thought I would feel lonely and isolated. Instead, I have connected with other moms and have felt supported and loved.

I am also grateful for my husband's desire to communicate with me. He is so awesome.

Here's to two weeks off!

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  1. Congratulations on making through the 1st semester!!! You are doing great! I've never asked this, but do you have more than one room? Our little space is one big room so when my hubby is studying I feel like the little one and I have to be ultra quiet!! It's much better when he goes to the library :-) I can't wait to find out about the spice solution! I've been wanting these little silver containers that are magnetic to put on the side of the fridge but at $2 a pop I could do some damage since I have a bazillion spices. Maybe one day...
    Congratulations again!

  2. Enjoy this sweet time with your husband! And congrats for being so creative with your blog!

  3. Woohoo!! How many semesters does it take to complete the program? You are doing great at being so resourceful! Good job!

  4. my grandma had a tiny kitchen in her trailor and she kept a square wash tub (cant think of the name) under her kitchen sink. she put dirty dishes neatly in it till she had time to wash them. it hid the mess and kept the counter clear. you probably wouldnt be able to store lots but would help a bit.

    congrats on getting through semester #1

  5. Congrats on making it through the semester! Having just finished 3 years of being married to a student, I completely know where you're coming from!
    Thanks for sharing your process through the "less project." Your blog is inspirational in many little ways. I actually mentioned you in my blog today. Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Thanks for the update. It really drives home the truths that God rewards the faithful and His grace is sufficient. Sometimes I need reminding.

  7. I've been doing a "keep the sink empty" challenge at my house lately too. I'm not sure why I struggle so much with that, but I fact, I should be doing dishes now!

    Congrats on being done with Semester One!

  8. Ugh, thanks so much for this post and keeping it real. I'm so glad I'm not the only with a messy sink. Kudos to the hubster and hope you enjoyed your break!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this season of your life online! I too often google topics I'm anxious about, and DH starting grad school this fall is one of them. After reading this and other posts of yours on this subject, I feel so much more confident that we as a family CAN do it and that God WILL continue to provide for us as He always has. Thank you a million times over!


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