Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogosphere Bits: HTML, Avacados, and More...

I'm back with my weekly list of links for you all... Check these out:

HTML Every Blogger Should Know by Blissfully Domestic. I do not know much HTML at all--a crippling fact that I need to remedy! This article is an easy start.

If there's something I'm addicted to more than craisins, it's avacados. I have eaten more avacados this summer than any other time in my life because I learned how to make fresh guacamole. I do a spin off Pioneer Woman's recipe (less onion for me, please! And I normally leave the jalapeno out). LovE iT! Fishmama just posted a recipe for Avacado Salsa on Good (&Cheap) Eats that I want to try soon...

I can't help myself. I keep linking to Ann Marie's pictures because she makes me laugh out loud. One of her readers suggested this caption: "Don't worry mom--we'll get you out!" Too funny. 

If I haven't provided you with enough reading material, check out the other Saturday Stumbles over at Mandi's place. :)

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  1. Avocado salsa... Yum! I'm gonna have to give that a try - seeing as we are a family of avocado lovers!

  2. Only in blog world can you have a title such as html, avacados & more!! I ned that HTML post ... off to takea look now! Thanks for linking up:)


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