Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--I Heart Parmesan Tilapia

Crockpot Parmesan Tilapia with Broccoli
Last week, I shared my plan for keeping mealtime simple (so that I would be more sane). I'm happy to report that it was a success. The week went smoothly, and I spent less time in the kitchen. One of the uber-simple meals that I made was Stephanie's Parmesan Tilapia. What a hit! We are SOLD on this dish, ya'll. So sold that it will be on the menu plan again this week.

We typically do not eat a lot of fish at our house because it tends to be pricey (my target price for meat is $2/lb or less). But I love the taste of fish (lived the 1st years of my life in a fishing village) and it is so healthy for you. Any tips for finding fish for a good price? I bought the Tilapia frozen for $3.50/lb (on sale).

Here is our 2nd week of simple meals:

Breakfast: cold cereal, yogurt, granola, smoothies
Lunches: leftovers, sandwiches

Dinners by weeknight:
Monday--Chicken Stir Fry with rice
Tuesday--Salad with steak strips
Wednesday--Sticky Chicken with carrots and mashed potatoes
Thursday--Dinner at Home Church
Friday--Zucchini Parmesan with green beans and garlic bread
Saturday--Parmesan Tilapia with broccoli

We are still eating summer food here because it is still very much summer in these parts. I am very envious of all of you who are already experiencing the beginnings of fall...:)

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  1. The cost of fish has gone up in the last few years, so $3.50 a pound is a great price in my opinion. I recently bought some frozen tilapia at a local Asian market. They often sell seafood at very reasonable prices.

  2. Good to know, Julia. Fish might just have to be an exception to my price rule...along with the occasional steak! :)

  3. I am so stealing the Parmesan tilapia recipe

  4. I'm making a very similar fish dish this week, only I'm baking mine instead of cooking it in the crock pot. Then again, I may try cooking it your way... I'm also making chicken stir fry! lol Great looking menu. :)

  5. I am DROOLING over that tilapia right now. YUM.

  6. Delicious menu plan, love the Parmesan fish idea, I also have a foil packet fish on the menu this week, yum.

    Hope you enjoy the sticky chicken, we just love it.


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