Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking On The World...One Small Thing At A Time

Well, mostly.

I have to confess that I never did any ironing last week. I almost got there. I set up the iron and the ironing board. I placed one of my husband's shirts on it. I had good intentions.

But I saved it for last. And it didn't happen. Alas. I also missed last Friday's small thing (which was super easy).

However, Monday started a new week--a fresh start! Here's how I've done with my small things challenge this week:

Monday's Small Thing: Straighten up some sort of media in your home--I took on a stray cd case. I tend to not put cds back in their spot when I'm done with them.
Tuesday's Small Thing: Work on something crusty (good crusty or bad crusty): My original plan was to make a pie crust, but instead I worked on a gross crusty. So gross it must remain unnamed.
Wednesday's Small Thing: Organize something using dividers! I have already tackled my spice cabinet, so I took on the drawer of my desk, which actually took me a good 15-20 minutes. But look at the end result!
Thursday's Small Thing: Pick up the floor. Seeing as I have a crawler, I feel like I do this nonstop. I probably picked up the living room floor 3+ times.
Friday's Small Thing: No small thing! Today I am going to a playgroup, Andrew's dad is coming in from out of town, and we are eating dinner at my Chinese neighbor's house (I am finally going to learn how to make Chinese dumplings!!).

I'm not sure if this detailed account of my progress with the small things is encouraging or even interesting to you. I may be boring you out of your mind with the status of my living room floor. If so, do forgive me. Until the end of August, you are my weekly partner in accountability (how did you manage to get signed up for that?!?).

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  1. Alicia, now that drawer makes me smile. I am an organizational "freak." Chinese Dumplings, now that sounds interesting. Have a super great week-end! Blessings!

  2. great job on the Small Things. Things have been so crazy around here and I haven't even CHECKED Small Things...hopefully I have managed to get a couple of them done, but I have no idea so you are ahead of me. I for one am honored to be your accountability partner, we all need 'em sometimes! Keep up the good work next time.

  3. Well, I am impressed and proud of you. Looks amazing! I really do want to join in with the Small Things, but I think my start date will be September 1. So, you can hold ME accountable then!

    And no, I'm not bored.

    And I really want some Chinese dumplings. And sushi.

  4. I love the post! Lol!
    Maybe if I was as detailed I might actually get something done!

    Infact, I'm going to pinch your idea for my post next Friday!.....hope that's OK! I'm in dire need of some sort of acountability!

  5. I love reading how other homemakers organize and take care of their homes. :-) And your drawer looks wonderful!

  6. You are doing great! I said I was getting back on track this month, but I didn't. =( Definitely by the new "school year". =p

  7. I love the organized drawer! Mine is still a mess -- I will conquer it this weekend. You are my inspiration!

  8. I definitely enjoy reading these posts! I'm in the middle of some room makeovers, decluttering, and life with a 3 year old who doesn't know the meaning of the word "clean up." LOL at your interpretation of "crusty"!

  9. I love reading about your "small thing" adventures. Sounds kind of familiar really. :) Especially the ironing...I had really good intentions too...You however made it much further than I.
    Aren't the small things fabulous! Love love love Rachel and her ideas!
    Have a great weekend!


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