Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Try New Adventures Thursday: Let The Hubby Cook Dinner

At the beginning of the week, I was feeling completely overwhelmed. Not sure if it was hormones, the piling up of the dishes over the weekend, trying to plan what felt like 10 different meals, or what. I knew my "overwhelmed-ness" was mostly between my ears, but that didn't prevent me from dissolving.

I sat on the couch, dried my tears on my husband's shoulder, and he asked, "Hun, why don't you assign me to dinner one night this week? You don't always have to cook!"

So tonight, this was the scene in the kitchen. :)

The meal we had planned ingredients for was Chicken Pot Pie (from Erin's Cookbook!), so Andrew took it on.

I started having too many opinions about the white sauce, so I got shooed out of the kitchen.

But that was ok. You could find me with a certain Squishy man. I played with him and sat on the couch, reading a book. Ahhhh, fabulous.

At one point, Squishy got underfoot in the kitchen and I heard a "I don't think I can cook and watch Squishy-boy!"

The obvious fact that I always cook and watch Squishy hung in the air.

"Did I just say that?" my husband backpedaled.

We got a good laugh out of that. Later he said that since he cooked, he must be exempt from the dishes. ;)

And the final dinner result? Yummy! The potatoes weren't quite cooked through and we decided the recipe needed more seasoning, but overall, everyone was happy.

And wow, did I ever feel loved. :D

I love my boys!

My new adventure was getting out of the kitchen--what has yours been? Big or small, link up your recent (or past!) adventures or trial-and-error moments? Are you trying to learn a new skill? Getting creative in the kitchen? Solving problems? Traveling? Link up your blog post, link back to me, and visit the other TNAT participants! If you're not a blogger, feel free to pipe up in the comments section.

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  1. very nice of your DH! i'd love to have my DH home to be able to help with supper but most nights he gets home just in time for dinner or he works afternoons. I cant complain tho because he does do all the bbqing if we have company over.

    What a cute family you have!

  2. I highly recommend the hubby cooking once a week! We've been doing this for a while and what works best for my guy is for him to make the same thing every week. He prefers homemade pizza cooked on the grill. He just comes up with different ingredients for toppings each week and makes a simple salad. We came up with something that the whole family doesn't mind having every week since he's not much of a meal planner or recipe following kind of guy. And yes, I have to get out and not give opinions as well, which is always good practice in life.....

  3. @Amanda, I'm totally with you! This was out of the ordinary for us, because normally Andrew is studying, studying, studying and cooking would be out of the question! So it was really a nice change of pace for me.

    @Christa: homemade pizza on the grill sounds awesome!! Andrew will BBQ for me during the semester, which is fun. I love steak on the grill!

  4. That was so sweet of your man to do for you. I'm glad you were able to take him up on that. Today we had a late afternoon appointment at the pediatrician, and there was no way we would make it before a meltdown occurred (from any one of us), so we picked up dinner. That's about as close as it gets here. Either way, I didn't have to make dinner, and it was delicious! :)

  5. LOL! My 'new adventure' would be more like actually getting IN the kitchen! Actually lately, I have been MUCH better about it since Jon has been working super late and either misses dinner or is far to exhausted for me to even hint he may need to make it.
    I am blessed to have a husband who cooks! Though we also struggle with him not wanting to watch the kids and do chores (though I don't ask him often)- and I am left thinking- I do both all the time!

  6. My husband loves to cook! It's so weird to hear stories about husbands not liking/knowing how to cook! Definitely let him help, it sucks when you feel like you've hit rock bottom :)

  7. That is just so sweet that your husband wanted to cook for you. Too funny about his comment though. We have had things like that happen in our family...

  8. Way to go hubby! I'm quite impressed. I will say, my hubby was the cook when we first got married. And while I've taken over that area, it's always a treat when he cooks {especially breakfast because that's his speciality!}.

    And the comment about cooking AND watching the babe. Oh yeah. I've heard that one. And it makes me laugh. ;)

  9. This is very sweet...My sweetheart always cooks because he likes it, I call him my personal chef, it's nice when he would bring me breakfast, and it's just so delicious and sweet

  10. My husband cooked for me on our first date and since then I've discovered he was a culinary one hit wonder! He excels in so many other areas that it's not really an issue. He can also fry an egg so he doesn't starve during no cook months of pregnancies. :)


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