Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: My Ultra Cool Family

The vacation has begun! So far, we have spent most of our time hanging out at my parents, catching up. On each others lives, on sleep, on reading.

Top Ten Things About Hanging Out With My Family

Doting Aunt
1) An exorbitant amount of doting. On Squishy that is. Doting grandparents, doting aunts. Even a doting punk teenage uncle.

2) Conversations. I frequently come away with conversations with my Dad encouraged and convicted to pursue God.

3) Time to pause and read. The rocking chairs on the front porch are the perfect place.

4) Did I mention that all that doting translates into free babysitting? Oh yes. Andrew and I went to see a movie together for the first time in a long long while--it was so much fun!

Click on the picture to see it enlarged.
5) Eating together (you knew I couldn't go long without talking about food). Last night we had a homemade sushi buffet! Behold the wonder.

6) At this current phase in our family life, there is a lot of dating going on (my 3 younger college-age siblings are in dating relationships). So there's the scoping out of potential (future) family members going on. I get this feeling that there might be a few spring weddings next year.

7) Perusing my parent's bookshelves. Some books they are currently reading include two books on Queen Victoria, The Great Omission, and a book on European history.

8) Playing games together. Speed Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, and Boggle are on the agenda.

9) Watching my family learn and grow. My Dad is building his first custom boat and my Mom has become proficient on her guitar in the past year (and has written a few songs!). My younger siblings Hannah (12) and Mariah (10) are growing a foot at a time.

10) Did I mention that I'm away from laundry, housework, schedules? Ahhh.

Next up, the beach! Here's hoping I have internet access. :) If not, I'm sure I can endure that trial by wiggling my toes in the sand or taking a dip in the pool!

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  1. Another great list here! Glad you are getting to connect with family. My parents are visiting us this week too. =)

  2. Ah yes, I love all of these things when I get to go visit my family in Kentucky. Free babysitting is not to be taken for granted :) and I love the sushi buffet, you should do a "how to" post on that one.

  3. I'm so with you on #10!!! We just got back from a week at my in-laws' house and the lack of housework was fantastic! (Tough to get back to the grind now that we're home.) We never took advantage of real babysitting, but just having extra people to watch the kids (in a non-childproof environment) was such a help. Glad you're having a great vacation!

  4. What fun to be with all your family. Enjoy your vacation, especially the laundry free, housework free, extra dating time parts of it!

  5. Sounds like you are having fun! I love family vacations!! I only wish I had more siblings (and ones I actually got along with)...free babysitting is awesome! :)

  6. so fun! i'm glad you're enjoying your time with your family.

  7. So glad you got to get out with your hubby. My one-year-old won't be left with anyone but my sister (who lives with us). I mostly gripe about trips with kids, even to see family :(

    P.S. Your home page wasn't working for me when I headed over here from your blogger profile. I think maybe something is wrong with Mr. Linky loading?

  8. We just got back from our vacation with family. So good! And so needed!

    And free babysitting is wonderful. My husband and I saw actually sat in a theater to see a movie for the first time in well over a year. I like to say that free DVD rentals from the library after the kids are in bed is just as good...but nothing compares to truly getting out!

  9. Oh, I LOVE visiting family... and it sounds like you could nearly disappear and have everyone take care of the little one for you! :)

  10. So fun!! I forgot about Boggle! But there's nothing like hanging with the fam!


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