Thursday, September 9, 2010

Try New Adventures Thursday: This Week's "New" List

We have not had an earth-shattering week. Things have been so busy around here that it has been my goal to simplify, simplify, simplify.

But as I look back on the last 7 days, I realize I have had some adventures and first-time experiences! Here's what I've done for the first time this week:
  • Fished a bug out of my son's mouth. Well, let me rephrase. Half a bug. The other half was irretrievable--he swallowed it. It was some sort of centipede thing. GROSS. I cannot count the number of finger-sweeps I have done this week!
  • Experienced "game day" in our new town. We live in a football town that pretty much shuts down when there is a home game! And we happen to live close enough to the stadium to hear the loudspeaker in the distance. 
  • Went to part of an Iftar. It's currently the month of Ramadan, where Muslims around the world fast each day and break their fast after sunset. Our neighbors are Muslim, and invited my husband and I to eat with them and their friends on the picnic tables right outside of our apartment. It was primarily a Persian meal because most of the Muslims participating were Iranian. I had the odd experience of sitting outside on a warm Florida night in a long-sleeved shirt, drinking hot tea! I also felt slightly immodest, because although I was very modestly dressed according to American standards, all the women around me were covered from head to toe (they wore headresses, long-sleeved shirts, and skirts that touched the ground). They were very sweet folks, though. I had interesting conversations about abortion and eating monkey brains, of all things.
  • Used Coconut Oil for the first time
  • Danced side-by-side with the Squish! He has just started bobbing when I turn music on, so we "danced" together in the living room this week. How precious!
  • Wrote out my birth story. Actually writing down my experience with labor took me through the ups and downs of it again. Labor is such a roller coaster!
  • Instituted "Story-Time" with our 9 month old. I love love LOVE to read, but I have not done it very consistently with our son, until now. He sits still for the story and looks at each page, and (the most amazing part) doesn't try to grab the book and eat it!
When you sit down and think of your week, have you had any first time experiences? Or maybe you've had some intentional adventures this week! Are you stretching yourself, learning, and growing? Link up your post about it here. Link back to me, and then go show the other participants some love!

The twitter hashtag for following along is #TryNewAdventures. :) I will be tweeting your posts!

P.S. I wanted to extend a big thanks to Amy from Blogging with Amy, Christine from iDreamofClean, Jen from BigBinder, and Lauren from Mama's Laundry Talk. These sweet ladies helped me out when I was having trouble syncing my facebook page with my blog. Thanks ladies--you're awesome!

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  1. For my boys, story time was the hardest until they were around 18 months old. Now I can't tell you how many times I hear "Read it 'gain!" in a day. :) It's worth it to keep reading, even if they're all over the place. They're still learning to love it.

  2. I've done the bug thing. It was a large black beetle. YUCK! I felt so bad for not catching it before my son ate it. Two children later, I realize that you won't catch everything. LOL!

  3. LOL @ Proverbs Wife. I was just glad it wasn't a cockroach! Uuuuuuugggggghhhhh.

  4. Ewww! I think every child has had to try at least one bug. YUCK! LOL!

  5. How neat to take part in Itfar. It's always so interesting to learn about other cultures. Love the precious photo.

  6. It's game day season in our town too. Red shirts are practically mandatory on Saturdays in these parts.

    Thanks for your sweet note, Alicia. I'd say you had quite an interesting week. How neat that God has brought the world to your door!

  7. Hmmm, not sure how my burrito link ended up on my OWN linky! Did I add it by accident? Anyway, I can't figure out how to get it off...:O


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