Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 Lessons In My First Year of Blogging

In just a few days...


I will mark one year of blogging here at Alicia's Homemaking! Hard to believe, but definitely a fun milestone for me. More about that on Friday (with a fun giveaway!)

My blogging spot...I wish it was this uncluttered right now! ;)
When I started out on this blogging adventure I was so super green...looking quizzically at everyone's RSS chicklets and scoffing at Twitter. There's been a steep learning curve (and so much more to go!), but I'd love to share some of what I've discovered in this first year.

10 First-Year Blogging Lessons:

1) Know your purpose in blogging. This can be as simple as sharing photos/updates with family, but having a purpose keeps you focused. Blogging can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you get sidetracked and try to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Your purpose certainly may evolve over time--mine has (more on that this Friday)!
These guys are my FULL-TIME job. :D

2) My roles--wife, mother, homemaker--come before blogging about those roles! If one starts to interfere with the other, then it's the blogging that has to give.

3) Blogging "pressure" is all in my head. There is no "standard of blogging" that I have to live up to (do you hear me talking to my perfectionistic side right now?). If I'm starting to feel pressure in any area of my blogging, then my perspective is out of whack.

4) A proof-reader is invaluable. Most days, my hubby is my go-to critic (and he's so giving I can hardly call him such).

5) Pictures make everything more fun! Especially your own photos.

6) Cooking a recipe while simultaneously photographing it is an art! I'm slowly improving here and wish to thank my 5+ year old, 5 megapixel, point-and-shoot Cannon for holding up (even when I've dropped it so multiple times or have gotten it covered with flour). I've learned that most of the time using a flash is not a good idea and that you can adjust your shutter speed to improve the picture's lighting.

My (nerdy!) blogging notebook
7) As a Jesus-follower, my blog has to be submitted to God (just like everything else). If He says it goes, it goes. Or Twitter, for that matter. Or Facebook...

8) Be brave in reaching out and making connections with other bloggers (and/or readers).

9) Personally, I've found that planning out my blogging is crucial. My blogging life has been so much easier since I set up an editorial calendar.

10) In this last year, I have discovered that I really enjoy blogging. For the learning, the creating, and the relationships formed.

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  1. AWESOME post Alicia! I've enjoyed watching you grow. And grow you have. Hope to meet you IRL soon!

  2. I for one am so gosh darned happy you are blogging, you are one of the loveliest ladies I have met and I am so pleased you share with us all. I learned quite a bit on your site, you bring joy and love to everything you put your touch on. You are going to be HUGE. HUUUUGE. Keep up the GREAT work. Those other probloggers ain't got nothing on you, Alicia.

  3. Happy (almost!) 1 year blog anniversary! One thing I love about your blog is your simplicity and realness. It's like walking through your back door into your kitchen and just being together. It's like having the next-door neighbor we don't have (and sometimes wish we had!). (If only you could send me that cup of sugar through the screen when I need it ;)) I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and I'm excited for where God takes you and your blog :)

  4. Alicia - thanks for these tips! One of my goals for next week is to set up a bloggy notebook AND determine my goal/purpose for my blog. My Handsome loves my blog, and loves when I spend time on it, so I think I've got the balance thing figured out for now, but I would like to get it more focused and get into a routine with it.

    I've got to tell you, I really love your blog. You keep it real with your readers, but you inspire us. Job well done!

  5. Such a great list! I've learned so much this year when I started going more "public". I think the biggest is just remembering what's really important and that the world won't end if I stop blogging.

  6. Ladies, thanks so much for your encouraging comments!!

    Ammie, you CRACK ME UP! LOL

    Miriam, I'm so glad you feel that way! And gosh, where were you when I needed an extra egg last week? ;)

  7. Happy 1 year!! Fantastic list! Looking forward to another year with you. =)

  8. ONLY a year!?! My gracious, you seem like a seasoned pro with years of experience! I love your blog...it really has inspired me to learn more and keep at it. You're super fabulous and I hope to meet you sometime in the near future! :) :)

  9. Happy Blogday!
    You're doing a great job, and we're all blessed to have you in the blogging world!

  10. I love visiting your blog. You exude such positive energy and always make me smile.

    I've tagged you in an internet game. Don't feel obligated to participate if it's not your thing.

  11. I actually started reading your blog last summer when I was looking for blogs for my company to advertise on. I've been hooked ever since and now I'm working on my own homemaking blog, especially now that I got laid off from that company.

    You're an inspiration to me. I wish we lived close--I think we'd be friends.


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