Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mushy Brains and Birthing Babies

Today I'm excited to direct you to two of my favorite blogs--Amy's Finer Things and A Wife Loved Like The Church--where I'm guest posting on both!

At A Wife Loved Like The Church I'm sharing on the topic of SAHM Mushy Brain Prevention. We've all been there. I heart Sarah's blog--she's a kindred spirit!

Amy's Finer Things is one of the very first blogs I began reading regularly and so I'm super thrilled to be posting there. And what's even better is that I wrote that post along with one of my best friends, Audrey! Together we're talking about who you invite into the delivery room when you're having a baby...

To readers from Sarah's and Amy's blogs: Welcome! I hope you find yourself right at home here. :)



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