Thursday, October 21, 2010

Try New Adventures Thursday: A Fall Container Garden

Maybe you remember how I have a brown (black?) thumb. I planted flowers this past Spring with gusto and inspiration to actually water them every day. It was going great...until we moved and left the flowers behind.

When we arrived to our new town, I found out that our apartment complex does not allow gardening. Major bummer. But recently I found out that they do indeed allow some container gardening! Hip, hip, hooray!

So this past Saturday, we took a family trip to buy what we would need for a small container garden. Since we do not have 1) much time or 2) much money, we went with the cheap round plastic pots. Also, we bought small plants instead of seeds (even though seeds are cheaper). I don't want to bite off more than I can chew (or remember to care for!) just yet. Seeds are my challenge for the spring!

My beloved basil (very excited about this!)
We're starting off super super simple with some parsley, basil, cilantro, and lettuce. Along with two marigolds and pot of mums (because I heart flowers!).

And so far, I've remembered to water everything!! I'm wondering, however, if I need to move the pots to a place where they can get more sun...I think they are currently getting around 3-4 hours of sun.

Any container gardeners out there who want to share any tips for my lettuce and herbs (or the flowers)?

I already used some of the parsley in cream of mushroom soup! How awesome is that!? 

So now it's your turn! I love reading about people's new experiences/experiments each week. Have you stretched yourself lately? Tried something new? Link up your blog post about it, link back here, and visit around at the other participant's blogs! If you don't have a blog, feel free to share with us in the comments. :) Our twitter hashtag (if you're into that!) is #TryNewAdventures.



  1. When I was in Gainesville I had lots of flowers in pots at the front door and on the balcony of my apartment. I loved mixing a bunch of different flowers in the same pot. My favorites were pansies. They grew so well with the cool nights. Sadly, even though Miami is only about 350 miles south, nights are much much warmer in the fall/winter and I've had rotten luck with pansies.

    I'm starting a square foot garden this weekend. It will be my first attempt at this and I've been debating whether or not to take pics and blog about it.

    In south Florida we garden when the rest if the country is done. Come spring and summer it's too hot and humid to grow most food.

  2. I would love to have a garden/potted garden. But we have these great big trees that keep our yard shaded pretty much all day. I love them, especially since it keeps our yard 5-10 degrees cooler, I do miss having a garden {like I did at my old house}.

  3. I tried to do a raised bed/container garden this past summer...FAIL. I didn't water it enough. Apparently, they need water to grow. New concept to me :)

  4. I JUST started a basil plant too. My neighbor took EXTREME pity on my pathetic attempts to garden and gave me one of her plants. I don't have any new adventures today, but I do have a recipe. I'll link up in a few! Thanks for hosting, mama!

  5. Way to go! I have one pitiful cherry tomato plant. It's the lone survivor of 2 tomatoes, and 2 herbs that the dog tore into the day after I brought them home. So if the plants manage to survive the dog, they will have to also survive my brownish thumb.

    I really hope to try Square Foot Gardening in the spring. That will definitely be a new adventure!

  6. I can't keep plants alive even if I water them....or maybe I overwater? Shocking that we got so many tomatoes and squashes in years past, but that's probably just the good soil that we have. I really would like some pretty flowers though.

  7. I've not tried container gardening. I did try square foot gardening one year but it didn't work too well lol Not much of a gardener here.


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