Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Decor in a Tiny Apartment

Decorating for Christmas in our small home where the space is all take up with living has been a bit of a challenge. One day this month I took it on, and here are our small transformations, funded by my modest budget of $26.

The tree:
It's our first year without a real tree! There's absolutely no way we could have fit one, and it certainly would have blown the budget. I found this 1 1/2 ft. tree at Wal-Mart for $8, and it fits our little corner well.

Our typical family tradition is to find our tree (as soon as possible after Thanksgiving) and decorate it together, drinking eggnog and listening to Christmas music. :) It's a festive way to kick off the season!

 Our stockings go on the bookshelf, since we don't have a mantel.

The leftover Christmas bulb ornaments are keeping each other company in a glass bowl, next to the candles I made using Ball jars, Ecalyptus Spearmint Epsom Salt (smells so good!), jingle bells, and candles (inspired by Melissa's Jingle Bell Jars).

To make up for the lack of real Christmas tree smell, I light my incredibly fragrant Yankee Candle.

I {heart} a cozy, cheery Christmas atmosphere! :)

Six days and counting until Christmas...



  1. Super cute! Our first Christmas we cut down a 7 foot tree and squeezed it into our tiny condo. Let's just say, there was no room for anything but the tree and a small couch. And even then, you had to jump over the back of the couch to sit down! Hahaha!

  2. I LOVE your decoration set with the Christmas ornaments and canning jars with candles. To cute!

  3. Great atmosphere, love it! Like the candles a lot!
    Love Amelie

  4. I have read your words for a bit. This is my first time commenting. But now seemed the right time. Because every picture said Christmas, the bells, the ornaments, the little tree that could, it all made me smile. The stockings are awesome. Looks like Christmas lives with you and your yours.

    Merry "as long as the heart is decorated everything is bedecked gloriously" Christmas

  5. I think you did so awesome! It goes to show you don't need a big budget to have big impact. It looks super homey and I wanna curl up with cocoa. Eggnog makes me barf. Just saying. But if it didn't, I would totally drink it wiht you. :)

  6. Looks lovely! All our decorations are the girls' crafts from different holiday events. =p

  7. Last year our stockings hung by the bookcase with care too. This year, we got wall cubes and I had husband hang them "just so" in order to work for our stockings! All of my year-round decorating centers around what will look best come Christmas!


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