Friday, December 17, 2010

5,863 Reasons Why Christmas Break is Fabulous

The theme of our Christmas break? 


A pause from long nights of studying and doing most daily tasks apart. It's grand!

5,863 Reasons Why Christmas Break is Fabulous:

1. Cold weather, static electricity, and family time on the playground.

2. Washing dishes together.

3. When hubby randomly folds and puts away all the laundry.

4. Planning pancake breakfast together

5. Watching Squishy's antics, such as hiding in his toy basket.

6. Decorating Christmas ornaments together (yes, my husband officially rocks).

7. When hubby has a "guys night" and you get to go to Starbucks by yourself and blog (that's tonight!)

8. Staying in our pjs and eating french toast (make from homemade french bread!) for breakfast.

9. Having more people over for dinner.

10. Working out together (I just have a rule about no military cadences...).

11. Praying together more frequently.

12. Fighting and making up.

13. Reading a book together.

14. Three-person wrestling matches on the bed. This is Squishy's personal favorite.

15. Visiting extended family. This is coming up next week...

16. Making Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. Recipe with photos of the decadent goodness coming soon. :)

17. Talking and talking and talking and talking!

And that's only the first 17! There truly are 5,863 reasons and more for being thankful for time together...

I just figured you can only take so much mushyness at a time. ;)

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  1. I am looking forward to a whole weekend of with my family with nothing planned and lots of snow outside. So I follow in your theme! Looking forward to it (aspecially the lazy mornings in PJ's!)
    Love Amelie

  2. Sooo sweet! I remember my life as a single mom in school, winter break was a life saver!!! :) Enjoy your sweet time together, Alicia!
    xo Marissa

  3. love reading your reasons. And love to read more.

    i'm enjoying my last quiet moment for the next 2 weeks now but i am really excited and looking forward to christmas break.

    No rushing to get up. No packing lunches. No fighting with them to get them to eat breakfast. Lazy pj days. Snuggle time on the couch.

    today i'm going to try to plan out activities for us to do.

  4. Yes! I love your theme!! And I can't wait for the coffee cake recipe :) Blessings on your Christmas Break!

  5. Love the toy basket photo! These are all great reasons. May you continue to enjoy your togetherness.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing your Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Coffee Cake--sounds wonderful! :)

  7. I have a daughter and DIL that will be out from school (they are teachers) this afternoon for two whole weeks and they are both so excited!

    Loved reading all your reasons, so cute and made me smile. Continue to enjoy your time together making sweet memories. That's what life is made of for sure.

    CHRISTmas blessings to you!

  8. Daniel's not in school, but he's been working long, long, long days ever since the cold snap hit, and was plenty busy before that! I know what you mean about "together." Just riding in the car together is wonderful! I like to keep the radio/CD's off and just enjoy being TOGETHER!

  9. It looks like you guys are having an awesome break. My hubs is on vaca this week as well, so I'm sort of on break as well. enjoy your precious time together! :)

  10. You guys are just too precious!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  11. LOVE Christmas break! I am so looking forward to this week of baking, playing, cleaning and enjoying no school! YIPEE! Enjoy this week!

  12. I am loving the sound of your Christmas break. You know how to do it right!

  13. Aw, hehe, I liked this post. I laughed allowed when I saw the picture of squishy...*sigh*

    Love you!


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