Thursday, December 16, 2010

Try New Adventures Thursday: Handprint Snowmen Ornaments

When I visited my friend Heather the other day, her house had turned into a veritable Christmas factory. Caramel corn, peppermint bark, and handmade ornaments were underway. The ornaments were so sweet that I decided to attempt them during naptime yesterday! My hubby was awesome and tackled the job with me (see below for his clear influence in one of the finished products).

Check out these cute Handprint Snowmen Ornaments!

Here's what you'll need:
  • A kid (for the handprints). I happened to have this handy. 
  • Round ornaments. We used smallish ones since Squishy is a little guy.
  • Paint and paintbrushes. Acrylic paint works best. We used some watercolors for decorating the snowmen, but they were definitely more difficult to work with than the acrylic paint we used for the handprints.

Now for the execution:
  • Paint your child's hand with the white paint. If you're doing this with a one-year old, this can be pretty hilarious. We stripped Squishy down to his diaper and he was enamored with the paint and the fact that he got to "hold" the shiny ornaments.
  • Have them wrap their hand around the ornament to create the handprint.

  • Then decorate as you please!
Here are a few of our finished ornaments:

Some of Squishy's fingerprints did not come out then we just turned them into trees. :)

The Ninja Turtle Ornament my hubby made.
This was such a blast! We gave our snowmen top hats, earmuffs, and Santa hats. Some even got pretty scarves. :)

The cost breakdown:
14 Glass Ornaments--$2.50
Watercolor Paint with Brushes--$3.00
White Acrylic Paint--$1.00

Total cost= Approximately $.50 per ornament!

These are the first Christmas ornaments I've ever decorated! Can you believe that?

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  1. Aww those are so cute!!

    At our baby group this week, we made a cute reindeer craft. we painted their foot and used their footprint has the head and his hand prints has the antlers. it turned out so cute!

  2. So cute! We exchange ornaments every year and these would make great exchanges!!

  3. this is adorable Alicia!! thanks for sharing :)

  4. When Squishy is older you will always think of the year you three made these. Love Amelie

  5. They turned out great! Love the Ninja Turtles!!

  6. How neat, Alicia! What a fun project!

  7. Amanda, that sounds really cute. :)

  8. Those are adorable! His chubby fingers make perfect little snowmen! :)


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