Monday, December 6, 2010

My Motives and Housework

Huisvrouw met mattenklopper / Housewife with carpet-beater
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Sometimes getting the housework done is all about me

Sounds strange to say that...isn't it love for my family that motivates me to wash their clothes and clean their dishes?

Yes. But, I personally love a clean house. When everything has a place and everything is in it's place, I let out a sigh of contentment. Cleaning isn't my favorite pastime, but the results are grand

My husband enjoys a clean living space, too (and, in general, he's a clean kind of guy...and I'm so grateful!). But you know what he likes more? Me, sitting on the couch beside him, despite the dirty dishes piled high in the kitchen.

The perfectionist in me wants to clean because that's how I like it...focused on my agenda and my plans.

What is love? Sometimes love is laying aside my carpet-beater (er, I swiffer-sweeper!) and being relaxed. Reading a book next to my hubby. Not getting under pressure because of all the tasks I expect myself to perform.

What is love for your family today? Is it picking up the broom or setting it down?

I find that my answer to that question typically involves a good deal of both...but it's my motives that have to be in check.



  1. today the love for my family is picking up the broom. after a week of sickness in the house, the house looks like a bomb went off. so today i'm doing a major clean. so when my husband comes home he can feel relaxed instead of stressed when he walks in.

  2. Very well said. I had an epiphany about that recently--I have to do it out of love, not out of my own need to not feel like I'm failing at my "job".

  3. I need to pick up the broom more often, while Daniel is not here. And set it down sometimes so I can spend time playing with Susannah.

  4. Your so right it is both, and finding the appropriate time for both is the hardest part. Sometimes I am too much clean, and too much relax, ha ha.

  5. Such a good reminder Alicia! Thanks!

  6. So true! Finding the balance, that's the truth of the matter in everything with life itself.

  7. Amanda, I am totally with you on that one today! We have been sick for a week, so today is my day to disinfect the entire house! I just need to remember to slow down once the hubby gets home...:)

  8. I am finding more and more that life is all about balance. That's the tough part! Not excessive, not to little, "Lord, give me wisdom to know the difference!"

  9. Well said. This is a hard one for me. I married a long-time bachelor who doesn't care too much about a clean house but loves to play board games with me after dinner. I have to remember how he must feel if I choose clean floors over time spent with him.
    I just found you and I love your sweet blog.


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