Monday, December 6, 2010

To The Rescue...

Black Bean Soup--part of last week's menu!

It's been a rough weekend at our house--our entire family is sick! Squishy got a cold, which turned into bilateral ear infections, and now both Andrew and I also have nasty colds. My poor hubby is studying through regardless (he has a test today) and we're spending a good deal of time indoors.

But you know what I'm super thankful for? The monthly menu plan and freezer cooking that I did last week!
Little did I know! With our late nights, low energy, and a sick, fussy little one, those two things have been a lifesaver. I am definitely planning on doing the same next month (but hopefully we won't get sick anymore!).

Here is the quick plan for this week (based off the monthly menu plan). A couple slight changes have been made since we unexpectedly ate out once last week.

Breakfasts: Homemade Yogurt, Hot Cereals, Toast with Jam
Lunches: Leftovers
Monday--Lasagna with rolls and a salad
Tuesday--Chili with brown rice
Wednesday--Enchiladas with guacamole
Thursday--Crockpot BBQ Chicken with corn and biscuits
Friday--Pizza Night!
Saturday--Steak, Sweet Potatoes, and Salad
Sunday--Spaghetti, Memaw's Green Beans

For tons more menu plans, visit Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday! What does your menu look like at this time of year?

P.S. Don't forget to enter to win a KitchenAid Blender and 2 free Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Coupons!


  1. You black bean soup looks delicious!

  2. Hope you three will be better soon!
    Love Amelie

  3. Amelie, thank you! I think we are on the mend! Thank God for antibiotics (for the ear infections...). :)

  4. Oh no! We were there too for a month!...taking turns being sick...finally getting better! but the cough and runny noses are lingering. And it's so hard to get out because people take their sick kids everywhere getting everyone else sick. =( Take it easy and hooray for meals in the freezer.


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