Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Week 1 Update!

Washin' Those Dishes
Dirty dishes from all my baking...
When I got all gung-ho and decided to start spring cleaning last week, I thought it would only take me a week. One room per day 'til it's all done. Like so. 

Ha! Not sure where I got that ambitious notion. In order to accomplish that, I really would have to put everything besides the basic daily tasks aside, which I have been unwilling to do. In fact, after a couple of days of diligent cleaning, I got on this baking kick and wanted to spend lots of time in the kitchen cooking scrumptious things (and dirtying dishes!). It was lovely...I made banana chocolate chip muffins, peach pie, and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Spring-time gives me a baking itch!

But--*AHEM*--back to the topic at hand (now that I need to finish spring cleaning and work out!).

Here's how my list of spring cleaning tasks is going (crossed-out items have been completed!):

1. Squishy's Closet.
2) Our closet and chest of drawers.
3) Bookshelf in Squishy's bedroom
4) Squishy's chest of drawers
5) The bathroom shelves
6) The bathroom cabinet
7) Bathroom drawers
8) My recipe binder
9) The kitchen cabinets 
10) The refrigerator

So, I'm actually half-way done! Whoo-hooo!

All of my before/after pictures aren't ready for you yet, but I'll give you a little peek at what I've accomplished and save the rest for next week's update (super suspenseful, I know...hang in there with me...ha!).

Bathroom cabinet before:

Bathroom cabinet after: 

*sigh of relief* That was just a little job, but doesn't it make everything so much better? I found the basket at Goodwill for 97 cents, and it definitely helps things stay more orderly.

I probably won't get much cleaning done today (besides the basics!), because I'm baking bread and canning jam! Yay! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Who knew someone could get so excited about fresh strawberries and canning supplies? My husband thinks I'm hilarious.

Ok, I'd better sign off now before I turn this into a cooking post.

How's your spring cleaning going? Any small or big successes?

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  1. I am taking one cupboard and shelf at a time. I'm zeroeing in on purging and organizing these "zones". I hate surfaces that collect "things". I am one of those sick people who get a high off of purging. It drives my family crazy. One minute it is there, the next it isn't! LOL!

  2. Stacie, I'm with you! My husband is always insisting that "really we will need that later honey..."

  3. Nice work! That "after" picture is just so serene. We're in the middle of purging and swapping our bedroom and office rooms, which means I have a lot of junk in the hall in between. Can't wait till it's all gone...out of my house or in just the right place!

  4. Great Job! I am in the middle of spring cleaning my house right now and getting rid of stuff. I am talking about spring cleaning the kitchen on my blog right now!

    Oh, and I started canning last year and I was just as excited. I won a ball canning party from house party and it was sooo exciting to get to work and can some food :)

  5. I agree with Kelsey that the after picture just made me sigh and feel a little more relaxed. :) Keep up the good work {and then maybe come to Texas to help me unpack and sort next weekend ;)}.


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