Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Late Night Snack

When I picked Squishy up out of bed this morning, I thought, "Wow, he smells like goldfish. Strange."

He happily guzzled his milk sippy as we stared out the window, enjoying the morning quiet.

Still, that goldfish odor. Did I forget to wash his hands before he went to bed? I check for a goldfish-smelly diaper (random, I know). Nope, all clean.

Only then did I take a look around me.




Moment of truth: I left the baby bag (which contained a bag of goldfish) much too close to a little person's reach last night.

The culprit.

No wonder he gulped his milk down this morning (not his normal habit)...his salt intake had definitely been higher than usual!

Have you ever left something a little too close to the crib?



  1. Oh that is too funny. I love his sweet, innocent face!

  2. "Goldfish? What goldfish?"

    Cute. :)

  3. Hahaha!!! I love it...! :)

  4. Why should parents have all the fun?! Love Amelie

  5. i left two boys in a crib...sometimes they bit each other and would I hear a scream that could get me running! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

  6. That is so cute!
    I made the mistake of mounting the baby monitor really close to the crib when our daughter was born. It never crossed my mind that she would eventually grow big enough to play with it. She turns it on and off and whispers into it. Lately she has been pulling it off the wall and I have found her with it in her crib, cord still attached. That means it's time to move the monitor so she doesn't get herself tangled in the cord and hurt herself! I love the goldfish! Squishy is so cute!

  7. Yes, but so far nothing food :) And he looks like a doll in the picture!!

  8. YES! Diapers and wipes!!! Don't make that mistake! I went in and found them EVERYWHERE. It was hilarious!

  9. Hahahaha!!! I've never left a snack too close. However, Julia has a habit of switching beds sometimes in the middle of the night (if she can't sleep, she goes to the couch). Well, one night she made the switch and apparently had gotten hungry and found a bag of M&Ms I left on the counter from the night before. When she woke up, I was sitting in the living room (and didn't realize the bag was gone) when she said "I was silly and ate all the M&Ms". I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

  10. That is too funny!

  11. Your little man has the most gorgeous brown eyes!! :)

  12. That look on his face is priceless!


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