Thursday, April 14, 2011

Try New Adventures Thursday: The Three Hubbies Cook Edition

Last night, three noble husbands joined forces and cooked dinner for their wives.


Chicken Parmesan was the main course...oooh la la!


The recipe was courtesy of Paula Deen...we have found time and again that when in need of reliable recipe, just google "Paula Deen" in front of whatever you want to cook.


While the menfolk dominated the kitchen, the wives sat. Talked. Didn't cook.

The kids snacked...

IMG_4628 copy

And played...


Dinner is served...

And at the end of the evening, the ladies were serenaded:

IMG_4638 copy

I married well, ya'll.

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  1. How very cool! So much fun for all of you and you ladies didn't have to cook!

  2. That is just so sweet. My heart swooned a little. ;) Jon hasn't done dinner in a while, but the man makes me a full out breakfast every weekend and let me tell ya, it makes me one happy girl. :) :)

  3. Sarah, that rocks!!! :D
    Yes, my heart swooned a little too.

  4. Oh my dinner and a serenade? You did marry well! Chris doesn't cook much but he often cleans.

  5. PS the photo of Squishy with the cars is adorable!

  6. what a fabulous idea!! love it. love the picture of squishy too

  7. You and your friends did marry well!

    We are looking forward to a season where my husband has a chance to cook again. I've had to learn to cook his favorite recipes since he's so busy these days.

    Meanwhile, Sundays are my no-cook day. Hence the Tastee sandwiches this week. =)

  8. A no-cook day really helps, doesn't it, Julia? Sunday is a good day to pick. I get a break from cooking every other Thursday (we eat at home group) and then whenever we go out as a family or for a date (not too often). Andrew is also too busy to cook MOST of the time, so this was pretty special.

  9. How sweet! What a great bunch of guys! Looks like a lovely evening for everyone. =)

    It was a semi-fail in surprising hubby for a quiet birthday dinner at home (sans kiddos) because I didn't finish one of the dishes in time, but it gave us a chance to cook together which we haven't done in a long time. Hubby's a good cook, but it just takes him a loooong time to prep things, so even when he does, I'm the sous chef. =p

  10. You married well, indeed! :-) Love the cooking AND the serenade!

  11. Oh I would definitely say that you married well! This sounds like an awesome evening. Looks like so much fun and to get serenaded also, what a way to end a great meal!


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