Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recipe Organization {Vlog!}

During Spring cleaning, I finally tackled the task of organizing my recipe binder. A little demonstration for you:

I think my Southern accent comes out in vlogs. I'm pretty sure I said "yer." {blush}

How do you organize your recipes?

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  1. "Yer" recipe binder rocks! And I say "yer", too ;) I have a binder, too, very similar to yours only I don't have page protectors, and they're all handwritten. It started out as a wedding gift for a friend, but I liked it so much I kept it! I only put in recipes *I* knew, used and liked. When I find a new one I like, I add to it. The only problem I'm starting to have with the binder method is not really having a good place to put the open binder while I'm using it - at least not a spot that I don't have to walk over to look at it to see what's next :)

  2. Your page protector dividers is about the most genius thing ever. I have that same problem with my homemaking binder and it's driving me bonkers.

    I have a similar binder to yours for organizing recipes and I have a recipe box for recipe cards and I have cook books everywhere and I have other binders given to me as wedding gifts and ... I think you get the picture. This is on my list of things to do VERY soon - organize my recipes. This vlog was helpful in not only getting me motivated, but great ideas too!

  3. I love vlogs, so fun to see and hear you! My recipes are a total mess, but I'm getting better--as I find new recipes, I have a file by my computer so it doesn't just go in a random pile. For recipes we use often, I have a folder by my kitchen. That's what's working for me right now. One day I will have to go back through all the backlog and Get Organized.

  4. You know, I'm so new to blogging, this is the first vlog I've ever seen! I might give one of these a try!
    Anyway - I am madly in love with your recipe binder idea. Right now I use recipe cards and it's just not working. The plastic slip protectors are brilliant but I had the same problem in the past with a jewellery project binder - the tabs didn't stick out far enough. What a simple solution but I never would have thought of that! Thanks so much!
    I think I've found my next project for the day - typing up my recipes!!
    And I'm not going to do 4x6 recipe cards on my blog anymore! I'll definitely make it an 8.5x11 printable. What a great idea.

  5. Haha, you guys are great! I can always count on you to get excited and leave long comments on domestic topics! It makes me grin.

    Miriam, I sometimes take out the recipe I'm cooking (still inside the page protector) and prop it up on a stand that I have. The binder would be too bulky for that...and you know how small my kitchen is!

    Leigh Ann...yes! It drove me bonkers to not be able to see the tabs.

    Eos Mom, I'm glad you liked the vlog. :D

    Grace One Hundred: How funny that my vlog is the very 1st one you've seen! I promise that there is many a more polished one out there, but I'm just me and I don't have a long time to edit things! But I'm alright with that...Southern accent and all. :D You should try it!

  6. Just a use the non-glare page protectors. I use them for all my music and it makes a difference. Another thought was on the "tab" page we could get really organized and put in a table of contents for that section.

  7. Great vlog, love your accent!

    I use a variety of things and it is not really working for me. I have recipe books, and cards in a binder that holds card. I also have a few loose magazine recipes here and there that I want to try before committing a card to them but then forget about. Perhaps it's time to revamp my recipe card binder.

  8. I organized my recipes for the first time 2 yrs ago and decided on the cards. I usually put them into a ziplock bag so they don't get dirty when I'm cooking. I can use a magnet to hold it up on the fridge if I don't have anymore space on the counters, or use a little photo holder thing that was a party favor from my sister's wedding. =p I love looking through cookbooks but there are just too many recipes that I don't cook, so I might be getting rid of my remaining cookbooks.

  9. I say "yer" so yer in good company. ;)

    I have a recipe binder that just has pages and pages of recipes that as the years go on, I have a hard time using because I can't find anything! I love your idea of putting them in page protectors. Did you just buy them at Wal-Mart? Do they come several in a package, cause I have probably 200+ recipes to sort through. Hehe.

  10. Your recipe book looks so new and shiny! Good job! I have mine all in a basket, but over the years I just know where they are. Weird. I may have to get organized one of these days. BTW I so enjoy your pictures. Squishy is a doll and your sweet hubby looks a lot like his dad.

    Happy Cooking,
    Chella G.

    This is a link to a pic of our Easter Egg tree. Thought you might like it.


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