Thursday, May 26, 2011

More About Berries {Try New Adventures Thursday!}


Ever since we moved to our new town (one year ago!), we have been hearing about this awesome blueberry farm that opens up once a year for free blueberry picking. I've been waiting, and scheming, about all the things I could do with pounds and pounds of free blueberries. I've been turning up my nose to blueberries "on sale"...waiting for my free ones.

Well, the time is right, and the farm opened this week! Yesterday we went twice in one day. We picked for hours!

Going in for the prize

Squishy ate his fill of the sweet berries. He was a boy on a mission. All dirty diapers since then can attest to this.

The one casualty of the evening: I was stung by some sort of wasp/bee thing and now my right hand is quite swollen. Not sure what's safe to put on it during pregnancy...but I have my 1st appointment today, so I'll ask my midwife. :)

My deformed finger...stung by something while blueberry picking
Deformed looking middle finger

But it was worth it, friends. The amount of blueberries in our house is unreal. The picture can't really do it justice. The bucket was filled with 2 gallons of berries and each grocery bag was bulging with them!!!

But lbs and lbs of free berries? Worth it. :)

Of course I'm going to make blueberry jam (but I might freeze the berries and wait until my morning sickness passes). And blueberry cobbler, blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, and blueberry zucchini bread. And frozen blueberries for smoothies. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Wow, that's alot of blueberries! Our local berry farm will have blueberries in a couple weeks, I can't wait to go picking :)

  2. I'm a little envious of all those blueberries! Yummy, yummy! You should try making blueberry scones once you feel up for baking.

  3. Oh my goodness! Those berries look amazing. Sad little finger too...I hope you get something to put on it soon. (This is totally random but I vaguely remember my mom putting baking soda mixed with water on wasp stings when I was a kid...i think it relieves the pain quickly...?)

  4. Wow what a loot, way to go! I can't believe how many berries you gathered. I went with friends a few years ago and all 6 of us picking for hours didn't gather nearly that many berries. Mmm scones sound amazing. I think you have all my favorite blueberry dishes covered. I think adding them to salad would be fun too!

    Jodi-my mom used to do the same thing with corn starch...I think.

  5. I can't believe all those were FREE! Jealous! Here is one of my FAVORTIE blueberry recipes.

  6. Free?!? That is awesome! We just had blueberries this morning...well, okay my girls did. Emily took all mone after she literally shovelled her plateful into her mouth. And then she did manage to eat her waffle too. Sorry to hear about the sting. Blech. Melody suggested to make smoothies with the blueberries.

  7. Sorry to hear about your sting! Last summer my daughter got stung several times and we found that baking soda paste worked wonders. That would also be perfectly safe to apply over and over.

    Gorgeous blueberries and photos!

  8. Where do you store all those berries so they don't go bad?

  9. Free blueberries!!! That's a blessing!

  10. Blueberry picking sounds like fun.

    My mom always made a baking soda paste when anyone was stung by a bee. Like an earlier commenter said, it does work wonders and would be safe.

  11. Free blueberries? That's incredible! My favorite recipe for you is blueberry buckle...out of the Betty Crocker cookbook. The crumb topping with fresh blueberries is delicious!

  12. I am so sorry to hear that your finger is swollen! I hope it goes down quickly. Your blueberry "haul" is awesome. I agree I am a little envious. They look awesome.

  13. How fun and how wonderful to have that many blueberries. We love some blue candy! I'm new to your blog and absolutely love it here!

  14. Just visiting from Menu Plan Monday. I can't believe you have blueberries already!!! Here in Oregon they don't ripen till July. I can't wait! We LOVE them and always fill the freezer and our tummies too. I have a really yummy recipe for Blueberry Baked Oatmeal on my blog. It makes a really easy winter breakfast. Enjoyed visiting here:)
    Smiles, Kelsey

  15. Our blueberry season is at a mid point here and we just pre-ordered 10lbs of berries coming down from the north (a fundraiser for a local food bank). I also just acquired a food dehydrator with high hopes to shrink some berry for later and make berry fruit leathers. Thought I might pass this idea along for inspiration.


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