Thursday, June 2, 2011

An "Up"-Themed Wedding {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

It has been an entire week since I posted a blog post! *shocking* The reason?

We married my little sister off! She had a sweet wedding (aside from the nearly-June Florida heat) with a theme from Pixar's "Up" movie. Here's a little taste, starting with a few of Michaela and Kurt's engagement pictures:

Image by Joshua David Watson
Michaela made the adventure banner...isn't it great?
Image by Joshua David Watson
Image by Joshua David Watson
The wedding day was perfect for the outside ceremony, followed by an indoor reception in the carriage house of the old Southern plantation where they got married.

Inside the reception hall, the guest book table:
up themed wedding table
Image by Kaitlyn.
I failed to take a picture, but they also had a mailbox with their names and handprints painted on--the guests put cards in it! There was also an "Adventure Jar" for honeymoon money.

All of the groomsmen wore Grape Soda pins:

The bridesmaids--check out all of our yellow shoes! The three girls in the middle are my sisters and I'm on the right end.

The centerpieces in the reception hall--the awesome pinwheels where made by Kaitlyn.

A lady in Michaela's church made this awesome quilt. It was placed on a table at the reception and people were able to write wedding wishes on it with fabric pens.
Image by Kaitlyn
Me and my little sister (wasn't she a beautiful bride?):

The getaway:
michaela andkurt getaway

I didn't take nearly enough pictures because I was way too busy dancing. They had an amazing live band and a vocalist who sounded just like Frank Sinatra. I overdid it with the dancing, because I was exhausted the next day (but it was worth it!).


They had bunches of balloons in the reception hall and Squishy thought he was in heaven. He spent the majority of the reception dragging a bunch of balloons around. In between, he snagged cookies from the dessert table...he probably had more cookies in one night than he had ever had in his whole life put together. An epic day in Squishy's book.

Ok--it's your turn! Share your new adventure in a blog post, link it up here, link back to Alicia's Homemaking, and then visit the other participants and leave fun comments! I'm looking forward to what you have to share. :)

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  1. What a beautiful wedding. I love all the balloons and the pinwheel centerpiece.

  2. Such a fun wedding! You and all your sisters look beautiful {as do the other bridesmaids!}. I love the yellow shoes. Very chic. Glad you had a wonderful time! And Squishy looks too happy with all those balloons. Kids make you remember it's the little things in life that are most important. ;)

  3. Aww, what an adorable couple! What a cute wedding! Love the pinwheel and the quilt.

    Heat? We need some here in CA! It's been raining. I know, it's June.

  4. "Up!" is one of our favorite movies to watch. There seem to be many hidden messages in the movie. Your sister's wedding is beautiful and creative! Hope you are feeling better this week with your pregnancy.
    ~Jenny (can't seem to post the comment with my blog name).

  5. I did a double take when I read this post! I know Kurt from a college program we both attended a few years ago (the American Studies Program in Washington, DC, fall 2009). I even got to meet Michaela briefly when she came to visit Kurt. I'm so glad to know they were happily married and to see pictures! I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I didn't expect to find a connection. :) It's truly a small world!

  6. What a great idea!!! Lovely pictures!

  7. Your sister was a beautiful bride! Looks like everything was just amazing.Love the quilt and how cool is that to be able to write on it!! If you get a chance I would love for you to enter my eco friendly giveaway.

  8. What a fun fun theme! I love the banner and guest book, and pretty much every photo you posted : ) Love the blue dresses with yellow shoes you all look beautiful.

  9. Yes, the yellow shoes are cute!! I LOVE looking at wedding photographs (even if I have no idea who the couple is). Thanks for posting the pics.

  10. looks like a beautiful wedding. love the theme! congrats to your sister!

  11. I just don't think I could love that more. I want to cry looking at the pictures! SO LOVELY.

    I pinned it just b/c everyone should know about that! ;)

  12. Oh my gracious, how beautiful was that day?! And you sister... just gorgeous. ALL of your sisters! I would love to see the big family picture. And the shoes. The yellow shoes are ALL THAT!

  13. Elizabeth--get out! That's crazy! It's such a small's really weird.

  14. Loved this wedding! So many people identify with that movie!


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