Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of Mexican Food, Waking Up Early, and The Baby {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

Ok. So I haven't been feeling super adventurous lately. In fact, I've hardly left the house, except to make multiple trips to the grocery store. And to pick up take-out.

Nonetheless, there are a few adventures to be had, even if you aren't venturing out much. Last night our neighbor invited us over for dinner (bless her heart!), and made an authentic mexican dish. Chile Relleno with fried green plantains! My instagram picture does not do it justice. A poblano pepper is roasted, then stuffed with beef, cheese, and (in this instance) sweet potatoes. Then it's dipped in an egg/flour batter and fried until the outside is crispy. Serve on rice, topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Amazing. Thank you, Melody!

Next adventure: The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge! This challenge (#HelloMornings on twitter) is based on the Maximize Your Mornings ebook (which is free, by the way), and the goal is for women to encourage each other and keep each other accountable to wake up in the morning and spend time with God/exercise/plan for the day.

With that said, the challenge is off to a very slow start for me. I'm sickest in the morning, so I'm giving myself some grace with this. My goal wake-up time is 6:30 (30 minutes later than usual), and if I feel super sick, I lay down until Squishy wakes up. Otherwise, I'm trying to squeeze in some alone time with Jesus--it helps so much!

Lastly, check out this adventure that's happening inside me. Blows. My. Mind. Pictured is a seven week old fetus (and I'm almost 8 weeks along). The fingers and toes and organs are developing at such an alarming rate right now. Incredible.


Your turn! Link up your adventurous post below, link back to Alicia's Homemaking, and then visit the other participants and leave some lovely, encouraging comments. Our twitter hashtag is #TryNewAdventures.



  1. Hmmmm... Chile Relleno. I haven't had that in a long time.

    I can't believe you're already 8 weeks! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. Ok now I'm craving Mexican food! :) I love the little adventure that's growing in your tummy! Praying for the sickness to go away.

  3. I'm glad you (both) were able to enjoy some amazing food. Grow baby, grow!

  4. That sounds delish! What a wonderful neighbor. Yay for MYM! I'm 9a AC. It has been a blessing. Definitely adjust your sche during this season of your life. Hoping to get a chance to link up later today...take care!

  5. Babies remind me of that Psalmist who said " a fear-inspiring way, we are wonderfully made..." babies are miracles and blessings. :)

  6. Joyce, does that mean you're on twitter?!? Or is your group accountable on fb?

  7. I'm on FB. I'm a little afraid of twitter. =p

  8. What a wonderful neighbor! I am always amazed how quickly babies grow that is definitely a big adventure. Hope you continue to nap during nap time!

    Oooo that's what #hellomornings comes from! I have seen you posting that and got the general idea but always wondered about the specifics. Starring your day with a little scripture and prayer always changes everything. I have definitely settled for short quick times of both lately but it still helps!

  9. Congrats! What a wonderful blessing!


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