Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally, Green Smoothies {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

If you hear a little boy clapping and chanting "mooooooomie!!!" chances are there's some smoothie making going on at our house. And this week, we finally tried green smoothies!!

Our ingredients of choice: Baby spinach, milk (whole is divine, although not what I used this time), and frozen strawberries, bananas, and blueberries.



Look at all that healthy goodness!


Next comes the milk...

And here's the blended product!

IMG_7088 copy

Thick and delicious. We couldn't even tell the spinach was there! I'll add more and more spinach each time to test out a "max" amount. What a fabulous way to get raw vegetables into Squishy's diet (and mine)! I find it challenging to feed him raw veggies otherwise, because if they're not cooked they're too much for him to chew.

Why haven't I tried this before? How do you get raw veggies into your toddler's diet?

A little video of Squishy's "moomie" excitement: 


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P.S. A general life update will be coming soon...this pregnancy still has me pretty out of it. I'm 13 weeks today, so the end (of the 1st trimester!) is in sight! I'm going to hopefully hear the baby's heartbeat for the 1st time today at my midwife's office (YAAAAAYYYY!!!).


  1. Way to go! I've never made my own green smoothie, just drank others. ;) Once my girls had a mouth full of teeth, they downed carrots and both seem to like salad pretty well, so we go that route a lot.

  2. We are on vacation and my Sister In Law brought her Vitamix. The amount of spinach she can slam into that thing and you still not taste it is unreal! However, it turns them green. Mostly because she's not using any blueberries. Apparently the purple in the blueberries will overpower the green, but it's like the only thing.

    If I could get past the green color, I'd be all over it.

  3. Hmm, might be a good way to get my husband some vegetables. The finished product just looks like a berry smoothie.

  4. I've never tried one, but I keep hearing the same thing "You can't taste the spinach!" I think I need to get on this, they look great!

  5. Just watched the video - sooooooo cute!!! And totally made Hannah perk up and say "smoothie?" We've been drinking a lot of fruit smoothies lately, so she's a little obsessed. ;)

  6. You can put alot of spinach in before you taste it :) One way to have an actually GREEN smoothie and not mind it is to put in some Kiwi and Spinach. However, Kiwi and blueberries make a pretty ugly smoothie :P I think for our GREEN smoothies I did Mango, Orange, Kiwi, maybe banana, and spinach. I froze a bunch of strawberries this spring, some nice marked-down bananas, and now blueberries for future smoothie making!

  7. The recipe sounds really funny but I have to give it a try... It must be really healthy and that is something your little ones can use (including the one in your belly). Too bad I couldn't open your video, don't know why...
    Love Amelie

  8. Looks good! I have yet to try making a green smoothie myself. You're definitely inspiring me though!

    As far as veggies, my kids like salads and many kinds of raw veggies, especially if there's ranch dressing involved. The best way to get them to eat them is to offer them when they are hungry in the afternoon or right before dinner. In fact, I sometimes put some veggies on their plate before the main dish is ready, when I'm finishing setting the table. They think it's a treat when I let them eat early.

    We're also avid avocado eaters (the kids more so).

  9. My husband has bad memories of "grass smelling" green smoothies his mom used to make, so I haven't done them yet. Although we do drink a fair bit of fruit smoothies, so that's good right?

  10. It looks so delicious! I love putting spinach in our smoothies also. I agree you can add a lot of it before you start to taste it. The video is so adorable!!

  11. That actually looks really good. I keep seeing all the green smoothies that are super duper green.

    I posted 2 adventures is mine, and other, my girls... I'm sure there many more adventures to come this summer. =)

  12. So cute!! I love Green Monster Smoothies!! I did a blog post about them as well. They are surprisingly delicious!!

  13. We did an actual green smoothie with peanut butter and chocolate added to the spinach. The kids loved it! They ask for them now, crazy! And your baby bump is adorable!!

  14. I've tried this, and it works. You truly can't taste the spinach (as long as you don't put in way too much).

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  16. The video is super fun! That looks like a lovely green smoothie. Upping the spinach should be pretty easy because it's so mild and mixes nicely. This morning I tricked ,er I mean let, Chris drink one that was almost half spinach. For me the key was adding a little orange juice.


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