Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our New Favorite Place {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

So today's post was supposed to be all about the beautiful loaf of sourdough bread that I made--you know, in the bread machine using my 1st sourdough starter! Except, I haven't made it yet. So hold that thought.

What I have been doing is trying to simultaneously stay cool and keep Squishy from getting bored. The kid wants to be outside, carrying sticks around and collecting leaves. Only, it's 90+ degrees everyday with lots of humidity! My pregnant self revolts...I am like a self-contained oven when I'm pregnant.

Our best discovery this summer? The Splash Pad.

More splash pad...perfect for his age...

There is a free, well-maintained (clean!) splash pad park about 25 minutes from our house and we are making it a habit. It's perfect for Squishy's age because:

1) There is no large body of water where I have be constantly on guard against drowning.
2) Squishy can take it at his own pace. It takes him a little while to warm up to the idea each time, but soon he's playing at full speed.
3) I can hang out and talk with friends (it's fun to go as a group!) while we all keep an eye on the little ones.
4) Afterwards, we're both tuckered out and take great naps. 

Splash pad fun!!
Squishy thinks buckets are so cool.
Yesterday we got take-out from Chipotle Mexican Grill afterwards....mmmmm.....

Hungry mama's lunch after hours in the sun--Chipotle!

Have you ever taken your kids to a Splash pad?

P.S. I'll keep you posted on the much-anticipated sourdough bread.
P.S.S. Did I mention that today is Andrew's last day of school and then he gets a 2 week break? Party!!!

Ok, now's your chance to link up your new adventures. Link up your blog post below, link back to Alicia's Homemaking, and then leave a few comments on other participant's posts! Our little group of adventurers is growing each much fun. If you're on twitter, our hashtag is #TryNewAdventures.



  1. I don't know if this is cheating, but I posted my link anyway. This is really chronicling my adventure last week, but I didn't get it written until later and really, it's still going on and will be for awhile.

  2. I heart splash pads and kiddie pools. Our pool has a kiddie pool area that we stay in a lot. And this pregnant mama loves it - not to mention so do the girls!

  3. That's awesome! In KC we had a splash pad area and we went a few times, but I think the boys were a bit too young to enjoy it. What a great find for you and the little guy! Plus, with the added bonus of chipolte...sounds like a wonderful adventure! :)

  4. Such fun! We have a park like this too. WAY less stressful to take 3 non-swimmers there!

  5. We have found a splash pad in the town where we just moved, and we love it! It really is the best place to bring kids (we are in a really hot climate, as well) that's free and wears them out!!

  6. hmmm...I have been having a really difficult time posting comments recently...even on my own blog! But it seems to work here! YAY!

    I LOOOOVE our splashpads!!! We have 3 close by and are there atleast once a week! They are GREAT!!! :o)

    Alicia, thank you for your comment last week! I still cant reply for some reason. argh.

    xo Marissa

  7. Yea splash pads, and yea worn out toddlers! There used to be one right across the street from the house where I was a nanny. Unfortunately, they moved before I was big and pregnant so we just stayed inside or in the shade a lot at the end of last summer. There is a kiddie pool one block from our house now but it's not warm enough yet : ( I can't wait!

    What a fun adventure, score on the Chipotle too!

    PS is your belly showing? I wanna see!

  8. We do have one here but I never know when it's working, so we haven't been, so we'll have to see if they post hours or anything like that. What fun! I have been at a practicum the past 3 days so I have not blogged much about our adventures, but maybe you'll hear about the practicum next week because that was definitely an adventure for me! Have a lovely weekend, and yay for the next 2 weeks with hubby home! Enjoy!


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