Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls, Dates, and New Friends {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

(Um, this morning kind of got away from me, folks...look for more reliable, on-time posting next week when I'm back at home!)

Today is our last day in our month-long home away from home. I can't remember a month that has flown by has felt like non-stop activity, with some sweet date nights and quiet evenings interspersed occasionally.

This past Saturday, I was feeling chipper and decided to take on an epic task: making the Pioneer Woman's famous cinnamon rolls! On Saturday evening, I made the dough, and then the next morning came the fun part of assembling the rolls.

My big-girl helper, whose main task was licking up the extra filling.
The rolls were amazing--sweet and rich and gooey.

They require a surgeon general's warning: This food contains copious amounts of butter and sugar. It may prove irresistable to pregnant women.

I had my 1st official date with two of my little an Amish Ice Cream shop. They knew precisely which flavor of ice cream they wanted and they shared with each other.


Yesterday, we finished the trip with a bang by making a little road trip to visit Marrissa and her kiddos...the visit was complete with dress-ups, pool time, catching up, and lunch.


This time living with our friends has been sweet but challenging, as we learn to relate to each other in such a close setting. It has not been without bumps...but we are so grateful for the time we were able to spend with Mike and Christina and their family. I'm still processing some of the lessons we began to learn.

And now it's back home with us! Did I mention that I'm 18 weeks pregnant and finally feeling like my (mostly) normal self? Glory!

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  1. What a wonderful time! I can't believe it has been a month already.

    I have been meaning to try those cinnamon rolls, but all that butter (in most of her other baked goods recipes too)...any want to substitute? That will probably take away from the goodness though. =p

    My post doesn't have a link back right now because I'm linking up from my phone. The girls were in our friends' wedding mid-July. It was Emily's first time being a flowergirl and she was excited!

    Hang in there! Almost halfway there! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  2. What a fun {and busy} month for you and your little family! So glad to hear that y'all had such a wonderful time.

  3. Alicia, you continue to amazing me. I love reading about your life and I have to say, you and your friends are my heroes. I'm not quite sure how I would have handled living in close contact with so many people, but it looks like you all did great! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling much better. Now I'm going to pine for cinnamon rolls for the rest of the day. :)

  4. The Pioneer Woman is AMAZING!! My brother and his wife gave me her cookbook for Christmas. I have a hard time deciding which I like more-the recipes or the pictures.

  5. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time! Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! Now you have made me want to to go to the Pioneer Woman's website and get the recipe!!


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