Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear 1 1/2...

You are simply wonderful. I am treasuring these last 3 months with just you before our sweet new one arrives.

I want to remember...

Earlier today...playing in the rain. :)

1) Your love of the moon, guitars, the rain, balloons, and BUGS.

Helping Mama with the dishes
"helping" with dishes

2) How you're my biggest helper with the dishes...clamoring to get your stool and "rinse." Your joy at holding the KNIVES (just the butter knives, ya'll).

3) Your excitement regarding all things with wheels and wings...at 1st it was cars, bikes, and planes, but now it's scooters and helicopters

4) This is seriously the stage for cute words. Berries="Bey-yo!" Apple="Appy" Smoothie="Moomie" I Love You="I Lu Lo."

Sweet slumber

5) How sweetly you go to sleep--happy to see your blankets and wave "Ni-ni." Most nights.

6) How you "touch base" with me when you've been in a high stimulus situation for a while...coming to stand next to me for a bit before venturing out to play again.

Those blown kisses are killer.

7) Your blown kisses...and freely given kisses on the lips when asked. Unless, of course, we get a "No, tay-tu." (No, thank you.)

Reading with daddy

8) Enthusiastic calls of "Daaaadddy!!!" when Andrew walks through the door.

Licking the cookie plate

9) How every appetizing baked thing is a "cookie." Muffins, bagels, etc.

Best pre-nap cuddles ever

10) Post-nap and pre-bedtime cuddles. {Oh be still my heart.}I hope these last for quite awhile...:)

What special memories concerning your kids are you tucking away right now?

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  1. Babies are precious; enjoy this time in your life. I'm so blessed to have gotten to do it twice; my girls are eight years apart.

  2. Hannah's bedtime prayers are a favorite around here. How she's connecting the idea of thanking God for her day/family and then just rambles on about everything. It's really cute.

    Julia's desire to help with everything. And she's actually getting to an age where it's almost helpful. ;) She's at that point where she's becoming a little girl, instead of a toddler/baby and it's such an amazing thing to behold.

  3. My 5-year old son looking around and saying: Mommy, the world is so beautiful!
    The smell of my kids; when they are sleeping, I always HAVE to smell their sweet little neck.
    Saturday night after bath they can stay up "late" and we watch telly together and have hot chocolate and a treat. Pure happiness!
    There will be so many happy moments to come Alicia! You just wait and see! Love Amelie

  4. Beautiful post. I want to remember the unique way each of my children laughs. Each one is so delightful and makes my day.

  5. I love this post. Your heart is so sweet!

  6. Love it!! Cherish this precious moments with him. It really does go by way too fast.


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