Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Week of No Complaining (Kinda-Sorta)

"Do all things without complaining and disputing...
Philippians 1:2

I heard someone say once that they were making an effort not to say anything negative or complaining in nature to their husband for a month. "Well, that sounds like a good idea...but hard." I thought, and continued on my merry, casually complaining way.

It came to my mind again this month, because I have been focusing on being more intentional in loving my sweet hubby. Each week, I'm trying to think of ways I can bless him/love him and asking God to help me (I know my natural love is shabby).

<3 him
See? I have nothing to complain about. :)
So I revisited the idea of being more aware of what comes out of my mouth. In reality, we're not supposed to complain at all. Not complaining to my husband is just a start. And it's certainly not going to be accomplished without the grace of God.

How did it go? Well, I certainly didn't succeed 100%. Complaining can fly out of your mouth less than two seconds flat. On night #2 of the week I found myself complaining during a disagreement with my husband. Oops. Several nights I would catch myself saying things in a grumbly manner and would backpedal, saying, "I'm not trying to complain! I am very grateful for fill-in-the-blank." There were times when I would be on the verge of voicing dissatisfaction with such-and-such and I would remember "No complaining!" and bite my tongue.

Overall, it was humbling. The Psalmist prayed that God would set a watch over his mouth...to put a guard at the door...and I need the same.

I told Andrew about my week-long challenge last night and asked if he noticed a difference. He said that in hindsight, yes, he did. So that was encouraging (and also humbling?).

I should mention here that I did not make this goal because I feel like complaining about my husband frequently. Far from it. The man is wonderful--my best friend. But I do find myself complaining to him. (Just FYI, in case it was confusing.)

The entire week was just another reminder that my whole life is supposed to reflect gratitude, not discontent. I'm continuing my list of gifts from God in my notebook...

#221: Long naptimes.

#222: Goldfish crumbles on the floor.

#223: Fall leaves.

#224: The chance to go to my midwife appointment by myself this week (hurrah for a babysitter!).

#225: A solution to one of my pregnancy induced sleeping problems (puffier pillows behind my back, in case you were wondering). 

#226: A clear day, visit to a lake, and DUCKS.

#227: Squishy's "Bye ah-body!" (Bye everybody!)

#228: Toasted English muffins with cream cheese and homemade blueberry peach jam.

#229: Waiting for packages to come in the mail.

#230: Andrew washing the dishes as I type.

How do you feel like you would fare on a "no complaining" challenge? Keeping in mind, of course, that God has already commanded us not to grumble!

P.S. I should mention that during the writing of this post I got mildly irked with my husband for interrupting me a few times as I tried to write. Remember the part where I mentioned "my love is shabby?" Um, yeah.

Sorry 'bout that, hun!


  1. Good timing of your post! I just posted how I'm having a really hard time *not complaining*. I had to remind myself of all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for {thanks to your post last week!}.

  2. I would probably fail a no complaining day- let alone a week. Why is it so easy to let the negative out of our mouth yet so hard to say something nice? Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was the other way around?

  3. What an awesome challenge. It's so difficult sometimes not to use Josh as a sounding board for my end of the day complaints, but I am totally going to do this.

  4. Thanks for your honesty with this issue, and the challenge that we are all called to do the same, not just those of us who choose to do a challenge in this area!

  5. This is such an honest post with a lot of great content. You are so right sometimes it is easy to complain. I admire you for taking this own.

  6. totally know what you are talking about. it is tough and a challenge, but i have been trying to work on this too.

  7. Homemade blueberry peach jam??!! Christmas gift? hehe


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