Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daily Life With a Toddler and A Newborn {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

"No, you can't put Kix in the baby's mouth, buddy." {Me to Squishy}

"What's dat cawd, mommy? What's dat cawd?" {Squishy to me 20x/day. He wants to know what EVERYTHING is called.}

"Ac-toolly..." {Squishy's new favorite word. I guess I say "actually" quite a bit}


IMG_1759 copy

IMG_1767 copy
Always on a mission, this boy

IMG_1840 copy

IMG_1671 copy

My best adventure these days is adjusting to life with my two boys. I'm yearning to savor this time...which is sometimes challenging since each day goes by at warp speed in a blur of changing diapers and filling tummies.

The general flow of our weekday goes something like this....

General Weekday Schedule
7 or 7:30 am: Wake up, feed baby, quiet time.
7:30-8:30: Toddler wakes, toddler and Alicia’s breakfast. Both boys dressed.
8:30ish: Baby’s early morning nap. Try to clean the kitchen. End up reading to Squishy.
9: Alicia’s shower, toddler’s room-time (during "room time" I put the gate up in Squishy's open doorway and he plays in his room with his toys and books. His room is kid-proof and I can hear him from the bathroom. This is a really nice break for both of us!)
9:30-10:15: Minimum maintenance, fix hair/make-up.
10:15 or 10:30: Feed baby, Sesame Street for toddler.
11 ish: Prepare and eat lunch
11:30: Baby’s late morning nap. Clean kitchen. Mommy time with toddler.
12:30 pm: Clean up toddler’s room, put him down to nap.
1 or 1:30: Feed baby. Daily chores.
2 or 2:30: Baby’s early afternoon nap, Alicia’s personal time/dinner prep/nap or exercise.
Between 3:30 and 4:30: Everyone up from naps, snack time, feed baby, keep working on dinner.
5 or 5:30: Baby’s evening nap.
5:30-6: Dinnertime.
7-7:30: Baby’s pre-bedtime feeding, afterwards get toddler ready for bed.
8: Toddler’s bedtime.
8-8:30: Baby’s bedtime. Alicia gets ready for bed (ideally, haha)
9:30-10: Baby’s dreamfeed.
10:30: Alicia’s Bedtime. (it's been more like 11 pm lately)
1 am ish: Feed baby.
4 am ish: Feed baby. {sometimes he drops one feeding and only wakes up around 3 am!}
7 am: Start over. 

Of course, this is just the basic idea. If the baby is having a growth spurt, there are more frequent feedings (mind boggling, I know). Sometimes we'll go for a walk and the baby will just cat nap. Then there are days when we have to run errands or we get out of the house to visit friends...on those days precious little housework gets accomplished. But that's just how it is right now. 

My little boy in blue. There's plenty of blue in my house (so I'm representing with some pink!) #febphotoaday  Day 13

Honestly, getting a quiet time has been rare because I fall asleep so easily during the baby's 1st morning feeding. And minimum maintenance has even been a stretch. I mostly go from the most urgent cleaning task to the next...and many times that does not include a 5 minute pick-up of the bathroom! 

With that said, our days really are pleasant. I've been turning music on in the morning and singing with Squishy. We read books. Kiss the baby. I don't really mind it when a cute little outfit gets baby fluids on it, because then we can admire his cuddly-ness in the next soft number.  

Each day is a reminder of my dependence on God...and a tangible lesson in putting others before myself (and having a good attitude about it!). 

IMG_1903 copy

What's your latest everyday sort of adventure?  

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  1. The boys are just so adorable! That first picture just melts my heart.

    Our newest everyday adventure? Teaching the girls to *not* trash the toy room. We've had quite the destruction around here lately, so we are learning to play and put away. Surprisingly, not something my kids really like to do. Ha! :)

  2. I will have a newborn and toddler this April. This actually calms my nerves a bit! Thanks!

    1. Aw, I'm glad! It IS a fun time, despite sleep deprivation and the occasional chaos. :)

  3. I love his pointy little chin! Must get it from his aunt. hehe...So wish I could visit you all!

  4. This post gives me so much hope! LOL I love that a shower for you and getting a few things done is on your list--at least there is a good effort! Come June, I will have a 3 1/2 year old and a newborn. I can't wait to watch the cuteness of brothers--yours area adorable :)

    1. Dana, I'm excited for you!
      Yes, yes...a shower is essential for me. 9 am is the didn't happen until 2 pm the other day, but most mornings it happens! Once I'm not getting so little sleep, I'll start waking up earlier than the kids, hopefully.

  5. The hardest part about parenting children of any age is to give in to what IS, not how we want things to be. And to ask for help when needed. Your children are beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job. The young years drag by, but once they hit 5 or so, the time starts to FLY and you will wish you had a lil one to snuggle again. May God bless you. Debbiemom from upstate NY

  6. They are getting so big!!! I can't wait to have our little baby, and I know the sort of insanity it is when you are constantly nursing. But it is a wonderful time!! Such beautiful pictures!

  7. Gorgeous photos. Beautiful post. We're still figuring out life with a newborn (again) too. After our hospital ordeal, I'm still nervous about taking our baby on errands with me (since it's cold and flu season). But keeping her home for 6 weeks is not that realistic either.

  8. I love those photos...your boys are so handsome! Your daily schedule is totally packed full and you're doing such a beautiful job!

  9. Isn't it funny that we "sacrifice" our time to do housework to spend time with our kids. I find this do funny and true because before I had kids I didn't know what a gift having uninterrupted time do to chores was. Now its like a gift if i can wash, dry, fold, and put all of the laundry away in the same 24 hours!

  10. I have found that it is always nice to have a schedule even if we aren't always able to follow it. Enjoy those lovely boys.

  11. I just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad i did! I am 33 weeks pregnant with #2 (another girl) and my oldest is 26months. I love that you posted your daily schedule because it gives me an idea of what to expect. I'm definitely getting nervous!! I'm going to bookmark your site and start reading all your posts in hopes that you will give me a little inspiration and advice along the way! Thanks for the great blog!


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