Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Monday: Weekend Recap, Menu, and Goals

We've decided that kite-flying is the perfect weekend activity. After so much busyness filling our recent weekends, this past Sunday afternoon we cancelled some plans and headed to the park. Just the four of us and the kite (and a picnic dinner).

Kite flying


IMG_2043 copy


Having a newborn has kept me indoors more than usual, and it was glorious to get outside and enjoy the cool, the wind, my boys. This week we're going to try to get outside more!

IMG_2005 copy

And now, a little groundwork for the coming week, starting with our menu plan:

Dinners for This Week:

Monday--Taco Night.
Tuesday--Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta (my weekly recipe-from-Pinterest-experiment) with Broccoli


Wednesday--Quick Crustless Quiche
Thursday--Spaghetti with Salad and Olive Cheese Bread


Friday--Cheddar Cheese Soup with Broccoli, Zucchini, and Carrots and Biscuits

Huge Yummy Spinach and Tomato Pizza (March 16)

Saturday--Pizza Night with salad

How I did with last week's goals: 
  • Memorize Mark 2:17.
  • Finish Surrender: Your Key to Spiritual Success. I have two more pages left, I think. Almost there!
  • Double the Quick Crustless Quiche so I have one for the freezer
  • Wash our sheets and bathroom rugs. 
  • Exercise x 3. Nope! I started to feel a scratchy throat coming on, and so I headed Amelie's pleas of "please take care of yourself" and opted for naps instead of exercise. Sore throat successfully avoided!
  • Walk with the boys x 1. Like I said, I've had a hard time getting outside lately. It's all the breastfeeding sessions, I think! We're going to try again this week.
  • Update my recipe binder.
  • Get up to date on editing February's photos. Again, made some progress, but still not completed.
  • Have 2 learning/activity times with Squishy. Only did this once.
  • Think of something special to do for Andrew.
Goals for this week are: 
  • Memorize Deut. 8:11-13.
  • Finish Surrender and read 3 chapters from The Great Omission by Steve Saint. 
  • Do something special for Andrew (need to brainstorm this). 
  • Have 2 learning/activity times with Squishy.
  • Exercise x 3.
  • Walk with the boys x 1. 
  • Edit 20 photos from February.
  • Make a triple batch of Taco Meat

Our morning is in full gear over here, so I'm signing off.

What's your favorite outdoor activity to do when you get inside-itis?

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  1. That picnic looks like so much fun! I love the kite!

  2. Looks like a beautiful day. I have never been able to get a kite up. Any tips? =p

  3. Hey! We're having your crustless quiche on Wedndesday too! (But I did put mine in a crust since I wasn't using meat for Ash Wednesday.)

  4. I have made Cheddar Cheese and Broccoli soup in a while!Thanks for sharing :)


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