Monday, February 6, 2012

Kicking Off The Week: Menu Plan and Goals

I think we've hit a milestone. Last week actually felt (mostly) "normal." I cooked. Went to playgroup. Andrew even gave me a night off, and I went to Starbucks by myself. And my post-pardum tendency to cry at the drop of a hat seems to be subsiding.



The first 6 weeks of a baby's life are so full of warm cuddles, tiny outfits, the constant clicking of the shutter, and those sweet I-can't-believe-how-small-this-diaper-is moments. But it's encouraging to start emerging from the fog of sleep deprivation, hormone fluctuations, and the crazy schedule that Andrew had last month.

Dinner is looking fabulous.
Last week's burritos. Fabulous. :)
Let's see how this week goes!

Our Dinners for This Week:

Monday--Penne a la Betsy with broccoli
Tuesday--Lasagna (will double for the freezer) with corn, carrots, and asparagus
Wednesday--Beans and Rice
Thursday--Spicy Thai Chicken with Peppers (we love this Betty Crocker recipe!)
Friday--Pizza Night with salad
Sunday--Potential date night.

Curious how I did with last week's goals? Here's the list:
I crossed off all but one task!!! I couldn't believe it! I wrote out my weekly goals on a list and posted it next to the daily sheet I use, and each day I focused on one or two things....and whaa-laa. Progress.

Here are my goals for this week:
  • Read 2 chapters of Surrender: Your Key To Spiritual Success
  • Memorize Mark 2:17.
  • Write Andrew a letter.
  • Have 2 learning/activity times with Squishy.
  • Work out one time (after my 6 week post-pardum appointment!) and also go for a walk with the kids.
  • Make a double batch of lasagna.
  • Grate mozzarella cheese for freezer pizza kits. 
  • Make snack for playgroup.
  • Get up to date on editing February's photos. 
  • CLEAN THE BATHROOM. Honestly, this is a weekly goal of mine, but it's been a couple of weeks since it's been really cleaned, and it's reaching bachelor-pad proportions. Scary.
Is your week off to a good start? Here's to Monday!

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  1. (Stopping by from Menu Plan Monday...)

    I'm so glad I found your blog! Your post totally hooked me in...I'm working on a post for my blog that talks about how hard those first few weeks are. It's scary, wonder if you are sinking into depression or not. And then your hormones begin to regulate and you feel so much better. It sounds like you're getting to that point, which is so nice! And a date night? That's awesome! Your menu looks great too, by the way. It gave me great ideas.

  2. Last week when you posted your goals, I thought you were crazy, I mean "ambitious." ;-) But look at you, I can't believe how much you accomplished with a newborn, go you!!!

    1. I thought I was crazy, too! Hehe.
      (Gratefully, Baby E. is easy for a newborn!)

  3. Yay!! Awesome that you accomplished your weekly goals! Good for you.

  4. Congrats on finishing most of your goals!!!

  5. Wow! Great Job! I'm inspired to accomplish more this week!

  6. Those were not easy goals! Good for you!! Hang in there with the new bundle- memorizing scripture is such a great way to keep our focus! *high five*
    Colleen @ PaRtY of 5!

  7. Wow that's impressive, way to go Alicia! Also, I'm looking up the spicy Thai recipe now mmmmm.


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