Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mini Photo Shoots {Try New Adventures Thursday!}

Before baby Edmund was born, I was thrilled at the prospect of practicing some newborn photography skills on my very own adorable model.

Then he arrived, and the 1st 14 days of his life went by in a happy, busy blur. I did squeeze in one "photoshoot" with the help of my sister, but otherwise we just took a lot of snapshots. Not a lot of time for fiddling with camera settings or arranging elaborate props (or props at all).

Our daily pace is somewhat slower now, and I've started randomly doing some mini photo shoots with the kids. Mainly with little Edmund (he changes soooo quickly right now!), since getting Peter to actually look at the camera is a rare feat these days!

April 2011wm
A bathroom photoshoot with Squishy when he was 16 or 17 months old.
To do a mini photoshoot, I'll just set aside 15-20 minutes of time when one (or both) of the kids is awake and happy. I'll try to find some good lighting (in front of a window or outside), and I'll go to town and take a lot of photos. In our tiny house with very few windows, sometimes perfect lighting is wishful thinking. The photos above were taken in our bathroom (fluorescent lighting) with my lightscoop. I'm working with what I've got...

February 2012 Edited1

The mini photoshoots are fun! It doesn't exhaust the subject. I take loads of pictures in a very short time frame and typically come out with at least 3-4 shots that I love.

Here are a few pictures from the mini session I did with Edmund yesterday:

February 2012 Edited




I think my neighbors got a kick out of seeing me laying on my stomach on the ground snapping these shots (a couple of them came outside to observe). I got filthy! But it was a blast and definitely worth it.

I'm going to try a shoot with Peter or with both boys in the near future. Any creative ideas for getting a two year old to look at the camera?

Do you ever do mini photoshoots with your kids? Give it a try! Make it relaxed and have fun making and preserving memories with your family. :)

P.S. All of these photos were taken using my Canon Rebel XS with either the 18-55 mm kit lens or my 50 mm 1.8 lens. The 1st photo collage was taken using a lightscoop over my pop-up flash.

It's Try New Adventures Thursday! What adventures have you been up to in your neck of the woods? Link up your blog post here, link back to Alicia's Homemaking, and then visit a few other participants and leave some encouraging comments. Our twitter hashtag is #TryNewAdventures. :)



  1. These pictures are awesome! Gosh, he's getting big. I need to get some photoshop tips from you. :-)

  2. OOooooo, so cute! I love little fists!

  3. They are some seriously cute kiddies you've got there!


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