Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Freezer Day Costs

I just completed my final trip to the grocery store and tallied up what freezer cooking all my meals for March cost me.

The total: $115.45.

Some of this came out of my February grocery budget, and $67.46 came out of my March budget, leaving me $132.54 left to work with in March.

Keep in mind that some of the cost had to go towards things like pans (I bought 3 new--well, Goodwill new-- glass 8x8 pans) that I will not have to invest in again in future months.

Cost-wise, I think I did okay (we're talking a whole month of meals here!), but I'm hoping to keep my costs lower for future freezer days by planning ahead even more (i.e. having more time to buy items on sale).

Some other ways to keep costs down:

Choose a menu where...
  1. all the meat used can be frozen beforehand. This way you aren't left hoping that chicken is on sale right before your freezer day.
  2. the ingredients are ones you frequently use/find on sale/have in your pantry. This was only partially true for me this month. Since I am doing OAMM's menu and have not made the recipes before, some of the ingredients I did not have on hand.
All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results and VERY excited about tomorrow's cooking/assembling/freezing attempts!



  1. I just gave you a blogger award. You can see it on my page

  2. WOW!!!! I wish I was motivated enough to do this!!! Maybe someday :o)


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