Sunday, February 21, 2010

Planning for Once A Month Cooking

On Friday, Lindsey came over, and we planned our cooking day! We are going to do the entire February menu from Once a Month Mom.

We went through the grocery list and decided what each person would buy (we are pretty much splitting the list in half, except for items like spices, which I already have). There were a few items where we went "Oh, I already have tons of that, don't buy any..."

We are going to attempt to do all the cooking in one day. We are also attempting not to freak out. ;)

The cooking will take place at my house, and Lindsey is going to bring 2 crockpots, mixing bowls, a hand mixer, and measuring tools.

After Lindsey left, I went through the list and through my cabinets and wrote down everything that I still need to buy. I was amazed at some of the things I have stockpiled and won't have to buy. Thankfully, many of the other ingredients are on sale this week at either Publix, Winn-Dixie, or Harvey's. Some of the items, such as produce and fresh meat, I will need to buy right before our cooking day.

Next up--cleaning out the freezer! My freezer needs to be completely empty because all I'm working with is the one above my refrigerator. More on this in my menu planning post for this week.

March 1st is the big day!



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