Sunday, March 21, 2010

CVS Deals 3.21

It's been a dry spell for me lately at CVS, but I'm finally coming out of it!

Last week I had 5 ECBs and was able to purchase the following (plus a bag tag not pictured) for around 65 cents:

And then THIS week (starting with no ECBs), I purchased 3 packs of diapers and some toothpaste for $9.73 with $3 ECBs to spare. :)

Total spent: $9.73
Total saved: $30.03
ECBs earned: $3.00



  1. good job! :) i didn't get around to going to cvs yesterday after church...were the pampers cruisers flying off the shelves? i may go tonight just so i can snag them!

  2. They still had a lot of diapers when I went yesterday! I saw a lot of size 3,4, and 5 I think...


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