Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Monday, sooooo...

You guessed it. I've been grocery shopping. I tackled 3 stores with Little W. in tow! I was pretty proud of myself. Funny thing it just here in North Florida or do all the elderly shop on Monday mornings? I couldn't get two feet in Publix without being stopped by some sweet grandmother who wanted to see the baby. They were so kind. But we caused several traffic jams. :O

I also did a little shopping yesterday, so there are two pictures for Publix (I found the "One Stop, One Store booklets...yay!!).

Total spent: $21.42
Total saved: $44.87


(don't know why the picture is sideways...can't seem to fix it)

Total spent: $12.44
Total saved: $14.89

(the place where I buy everything that's not on sale/doesn't have a coupon)
Total spent: $9.88
Total saved: Probably around $3.00

Grand total spent: $43.74
Grand total saved: $62.76

And my grocery envelope for March is empty! We spent $215 ($15 was SC Johnson rebates that came in the mail this month) for the month.


  1. Of course you had to buy Half & Half. :) I really need to brew a cup of tea....

  2. PS There's no anonymous, and really, I'd rather not be anonymous; I'd rather put my personal URL. Is there a way to do that?

  3. Ok, I just fixed it. You can comment as "anonymous" or use your name/url. :) It must not have saved my changes when I fixed this previously.

  4. What a cute little baby you found on sale at walmart! I bet he was in the toy section!


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