Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blogosphere Bits: Keeping Perspective On Your Homemaking

In the midst of trying to remember to switch the laundry, making cleaning schedules, and 5 o'clock meltdowns, God reminds me that I have to keep the right perspective on my role as a homemaker. Here are two posts that sum that up perfectly:

When Homemaking Gets In The Way Of Mothering by Vina Barham at Passionate Homemaking.

When You're Trying To Get Your Priorities Straight by Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience. I've just recently started reading Ann's blog. Even if she didn't have good things to say (which she does) I would visit her blog for the pictures alone.

And on another note (a very fun one), Donielle is hosting a virtual baby shower for Amy from Amy's Finer Things. Basically, it's a week-long party of giveaways where for each reader that wins a giveaway, Amy will also be sent one of the mama/baby gifts. How fun is that? It starts on Monday, and you're invited. :)

As always, I'm linked up to the fabulous Mandi's Saturday Stumbles and also to Share Your Faves. :)



  1. Funny...I had also read those two posts about mothering this week. Definitely helped me with perspective on what is really most important...and so I've slowed down to just enjoy being with my daughter this week - plus she needed some cuddle time w/a tooth coming in! :)

  2. Thanks - Vina and Ann's posts are exactly what I needed today. I'd have never known about them had you not linked.

  3. "fabulous" - you're too sweet!! Thank you for sharing & for linking up!


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