Friday, September 3, 2010

The Balancing Act

Squishy cleans the floor. Good idea, since he eats everything on it!
Someone turned the intensity knob up on my husband's grad program. It's only week 2 of the semester, but I knew it was coming. I think it will actually get worse.

For us, this has meant late nights. Which translates into difficulty getting up. Which sends everything out of whack. More and more I am discovering that going to bed on time is really key to our sanity and health. I know there will be times for making exceptions (out of love for people or to stay up with a sick child), but right now I'm just trying to get into a good overall habit. What time to you go to bed?

It has been a good week. Have you sensed a theme in what I've been learning lately? About perfectionism, relaxing and having fun with my family, and simplifying? I'm asking God to help me live in the now, without the false pressures I place myself under.

On the one hand I'm learning to put a plan into the day so that things go smoothly (like going to bed on time), and on the other hand I'm learning not to measure myself by the "plan." Isn't it funny how I'm supposed to learn both? To be disciplined and relaxed?

I'm sure am thankful for God's grace in it all.

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  1. You are playing my song, Alicia! I struggle with balancing those two exact things.
    We generally call it a night about 10:45 or 11:00, which is okay because we don't have to get up very early.

  2. Hi there!
    I'm in the same boat. Going to bed on time is key, I just never seem to get it right. We need to have a rythm, just like our hearts beat to a rythm also our lives need to have a steady rythm in order for things to run smoothly and to keep us feeling calm and at peace. That's what I believe anyways.
    I try to go to bed around 11pm, but usually I end up going to bed around 1am - def not good!
    Thanks for sharing, God bless you!

  3. When I say an ideal bedtime right now is 8:30, bear in mind I get up between 4 and 4:30!

    Having a plan set actually frees me to be less rigid, I find. The important things get done, and I have the freedom to postpone or forget about the other stuff if something more pressing (or more fun!) comes up. Still, it really comes down to consistency - hitting that balance more days than not surely makes life run a bit easier.

  4. After a day yesterday where nothing went like it was supposed to, a night where I didn't go to bed anywhere NEAR when I wanted to (I like to aim for 10-10:15), a morning when Susannah woke up 1 1/4 hrs. sooner than she should have, a day ahead of me that won't allow for the lazies... Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I get up about 6:30ish, so I try to be in bed by 10. I need my sleep.

    Isn't it funny how organization and discipline actually frees us up?

  6. I love that -- disciplined and relaxed. I am not sure I can do both right now -- this is definitely something God is teaching me. Perhaps I experienced it bit drawing for my sabbath. Would definitely like to experience that more, as would my family -- Mom, relaxed?

  7. I'm feelin it over here too! You're not alone. After our stay-in after-the-kids-go-to-bed "date" I need to go to sleep. I find that the weekends are the craziest and busiest of all. Hope your hubby's workload eases up a bit soon.

  8. We always have THE BEST intentions of getting to bed by 11pm but it's usually around midnight...wknds are worse cause you just like to be a little rebellious and stay up even later cause you don't HAVE to get up on Saturday morn! Ya, we pay for it!

  9. I'm singing that song and dancing that dance! With six kids, most of whom totally get the fact that their friends are still outside playing long after we've called it a night. They get it when we get up earlier and have our "stuff" done before the neighbor kids have even had breakfast! :)

    I aim for 10:30 for me; 8:30-9 for the kids. My oldest has to get up at 5:30 AM starting next week. We're going to spend the weekend practicing going to bed and getting up early.

  10. I have always considered myself a night owl, but compared to my husband I am the early bird. I usually go to bed at midnight sometimes later, but that works out okay for our schedule. Once our kids are in school it will be a different story.

  11. We are such kindred spirits! I feel like I am always learning to be disciplined and relaxed. Seems like an oxymoron some days. ;)

    As for going to bed.... Oh man, I am so bad at this. I use to be an early bed (up between 5-6). But after Hannah was born, or routine changed and it seemed like the only time hubby and I got (get) is at night. He is an night owl and so not a morning person, that I end up going to bed really late (around midnight). Which means I rarely get up before the girls, which makes for much rougher mornings. Something I've really been feeling needs to change.

    Am I gonna win for longest comment ever? ;)

  12. Oh how I wrestle with those same things. I am trying to start getting up earlier and therefore need to start going to bed earlier. Right now I'm trying to get up by 5:30 but not getting to bed until 10:30 or 11. Hitting the pillow at 10 would be better, I know. Good luck!

  13. I bet my family would sign me up for disciplined and relaxed in a heartbeat! Both areas I need some tweaking in most definitely. I'm really bad about going to be at a reasonable hour. I look forward to my down time at night. I really should get to bed earlier. The key is for time with the Lord!!


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