Monday, May 2, 2011

Marriage Medicine

In early March, my sweetie and I got away for a night...for the 1st time in almost a year. We left Squishy with his (very willing!) grandparents and slipped away to a bed and breakfast in a small historic town.

Floating flowers at our B&B
Floating flowers at our B&B...a pretty idea I'd like to implement at home!
We ate dinner at a hometown pizzaria, just the two of us (I failed to take a picture of the huge amazing calzone I ate...but it was epic).

We wandered around the old bed and breakfast house with it's high ceilings and squeaky wood floors...watched the rain from the books....talked.


Slept in.  (No 1 1/2 yr. old to wake us up!)

Ate a Southern breakfast that 1) I didn't have to prepare and 2) I didn't have to clean up!

And we asked ourselves..."Why in the world don't we do this more often?!?"


The most obvious reason is money. We are in middle of The Less Project, after all. But, the amazing thing was that we were able to take this one night away without spending any money outside of our regular budget!

Babysitting = Free. Grandparents are awesome for this. But it's also possible to trade off babysitting with another couple who has small children.

Dinner out = Paid for from money in our "dining out" envelope.

One night at a bed and breakfast = $80...paid for by my sweet husband, who had been saving his allowance money gradually (what a man!).


We were so refreshed at the end. Our huge takeaway was that we need to make time (and save money) for this more often. Our marriage is worth the investment.

Have you been able to get away with your sweetie lately? If not, what are the barriers you face...and how could they be overcome?



  1. Ahhh... so nice. We haven't gone away overnight since August. Mostly because of moving, holidays, pregnancy, etc. We are hoping to have a getaway before November and Baby 3's arrival.

  2. What a great weekend, thanks for sharing. We haven't had a night away since our trip to Europe (which was amazing, I'm not complaining) the fall I got pregnant with Archer. We are good at planning big trips but not so great at those little nights away that can really restore.

  3. Getting away/making time for "just us" is SO important to us. It's something that we try to do but it doesn't happen as often as it should. We had our first overnight "date" w/out Susannah for our anniversary. It only cost us the gas :) Grandma and Papa kept Susannah, and friends let us use their vacation house in the mtns. for the weekend.

    I love the floating flowers!

  4. It sounds like you all had such a wonderfully blessed "getaway". You all are such a sweet and happy looking couple. So glad that you had such a fun time.

  5. Good for you! We have a hard time getting away together, for the same reasons. I'm glad things worked out and you got a nice weekend. The B&B looked beautiful.

  6. You are right that getting away together brings you closer together as a couple. We have been away for the night in februari for our 13th weddinganniversary. It is funny to notice you get right back to the way you were before you had kids (BUT; you talk about kids the whole time!). Still in love and more so after a weekend like this... Love Amelie

  7. What a lovely time! We've never stayed at a bed and breakfast, but my parents have and they loved it. Your pictures are so pretty!

  8. Loved this, you and your hubby do look relaxed and happy!

  9. Right now our daughter is the primary reason we aren't able to get away (she's 8 months old and is still nursing). We hope to go a a B & B after she's weaned. For now, we have a few "date nights" at restaurants, but we don't have too many of those due to finances. I worked full time as a CCU nurse before our daughter was born, but now that she's here, I am ALMOST a SAHM. I work PRN at the hospital still-two 12 hour shifts/month. Unfortunately, my husband only has a part time job.


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