Friday, April 2, 2010

In Which My Husband Has a Birthday, I Bake a Cake, and Some "Aunts" Come to Visit

Hello dear friends,

It's been a good week.

Monday was my big once a month freezer cooking day! It was exhausting, but it went really well. We've already tried the burritos, the fruit cups, and the chicken pesto pasta salad and they all have been very scrumptious. Dinner is such a snap when all you have to do is throw it in the oven! Next month my mom wants to do the cooking with me, which should be super fun. She has tons of energy, and I'm sure we'll be the epitome of productivity. Ha!

On Tuesday, Andrew had his 25th birthday. To celebrate, he went fishing with my dad --something he's really wanted to do. They caught 10 mullet and a bag of oysters (my dad used to be a commercial you know what "tonging" is?). Since they had such success, we decided to have a fish fry at my parent's house that night.

SO! I got into the kitchen and baked a carrot cake. If you read about that adventure, you'll realize how amazing it was that the cake actually came out to be out-of-this-world good! Pays to have a good recipe (I heart my Silver Palate cookbook). The first carrot cake I ever made for Andrew was rock hard and flavorless.

Anyway, the dinner was wonderful--good food, family, and friends. Nothing like fresh fish caught that day.

And now, I hope you don't mind if I share some family matters....

I had some visitors this week. A certain Aunt Flo. I really wasn't expecting her, since Little W. is only 4 months old and I am breastfeeding him exclusively. However, he is starting to sleep through the night consistently, so that might have prompted the visit. Not only that, but she brought along with her Aunt Hormone! And we really don't get along! I went to work yesterday and it was quite an episode. I cried before I left--didn't want to leave W. I teared up at work for various "reasons" I don't remember. I decided I wanted to quit my job. Yes, the one I only go to once a week. Between having 2 very stressful patients (they would have been stressful even if I hadn't had visitors that week) and trying to pump 3-4 times a shift, I felt like a wreck. I knew it all wasn't as bad as I felt it was. My husband was praying for me, and the day finally ended, and all seems to be well for now. And I haven't quit my job.



And today I get to stay home and be mom (how much I appreciate it!). I've probably kissed my little boy a hundred times. :)

And I'm thankful for the grace of God, especially when I'm a little cRaZy.

Love, Alicia

P.S. I would be remiss to talk about my week and not mention that I found out that my best friend, Audrey, is pregnant with baby #2! So exciting. :)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. You know, I know it has to be nice to have all kinds of meals ready in the freezer. But the thought of a cooking frenzy all day wears me out just thinking about it! LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by this morning! I'm all about "bulk cooking" and freezing. It's the greatest and even though it's just Hubby and me now, I still do it and just the morning made two pizzas and put in the freezer for "one of those days." Easter Blessings to you and your family!

  3. Oh, I wish I had the kind of energy you do to do a months worth of meals at once! That would save me so much angst! I hope things work out with the old hormones...they can be annoying to be sure....have a Happy Easter!

  4. How wonderful that you are able to have a job where you only need to work one day a week. Aren't hormones lovely? Thank the Lord for patient husbands.

  5. Happy quarter century to Andrew! And what an adventure in carrot cake baking! I've only baked it once, and did not realize how many carrots you needed to make that thing. TMI here, but I've been lucky with both kiddos that Flo was on vacation for a year!! Congrats to your friend Audrey. More playmates for your little guy. =p

  6. I feel for you, I really do. I've given birth to three kids. When the first was three months old, Aunt Flo came back. About two years later, when we'd had our second and he was 2.5 months old, Aunt Flo came back. About two years later, when we'd had our third child and he was almost two months old ... Aunt Flo came back. All three times - exclusive breastfeeding, even with two or three nurses at night. That just sucked! So to speak ;)

    I also found (still, with the youngest nursing only at bedtime at almost 21 months old), that the hormone fluctuations are worse when nursing, after your cycle has come back. Sorry ... wish I had better news. I had to go on Micronor (mini-pill) after the second and third births so that I could feel more "normal".

    Congrats with the cake! I can smell carrot cake just thinking about it :)

  7. WHAT? Audrey's pregnant????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. oh hormones. gotta love em, huh?

    Hang in there!


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